Will you see the new Sherlock Holmes movie?

Aaahhhhhh, Sherlock Holmes! The most iconic and most portrayed detective ever. I absolutely enjoyed the book. I must have read Hound of the Baskervilles and the Sign of Four a million times. The short stories were equally fantastic. The abstract thinker, the intellectual superiority. The well written and entertaining stories; The final problem, the speckled band (best short story, imo) ALL of them, great!

In my opinion, however, Holmes has never had a movie or show to equal it. I guess it's because many of them miss the soul of what made the books great. This is common for almost every book adaptation, however I always seem to find myself disappointed.

Rathbone and Brett, in my opinion, have come closer then any actor I've seen. Even they, however were not what I would imagine Holmes to be in real life. Jeremy Brett did a fantastic job capturing the different sides of holmes, however he was too dramatic at times during which the cold calculated thinker would evaporate for several moments. His past theater acting likely caused his over dramatic acting.

Basil Rathbone was so unfortunate. He was a great holmes! I have no doubt if he got the scripts Jeremy Brett got he'd be the greatest holmes ever. Unfortunately, that's what stopped it, the scripts. A bumbling Watson and a two dimensional script resulted in only glimmerings of the potential gold they could have struck.

The last movie with Robert Downey Jr. seems to be taking steps backward. Yes, I know he fought in the book. And I know he was usually untidy, ect. But It just seems to me to be a good action movie with a Sherlock Holmes twist to it. We were treated to the pop culture version. A version that brought up questions that would corrupt any attempt on making an authentic Holmes movie (Is holmes and watson gay? omg, holmes is a freak, does he take drugs? etc.) Instead of letting the movie speak for itself it spend much of the time addressing everything so the new generation would like it. Adding more action then I ever read in one story, a love interest, magic-trick-like story line.... It was not treated as the masterpiece it should have been.

I know I'm a Sherlock Holmes dork, but this all discouraged me from the next film. What do you think and what is your opinion?

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    To be honest, I only read the title of your question and the last paragraph, but I think I might still have an input nontheless...

    My impression of RDJ's Sherlock was of a man who was once great, but had lost his way. The movie charted his progression through the worst of times and up out into a hopeful future, whilst saveing the universe in the process, or something (I might be overstating, but whatever). It is my opinion that the Holmes we shall be seeing in the sequel will have remenants of the dishevalled version, but will be a lot closer to the traditional expectation people generally have of him. Granted, he's going to remain something of a fighter and an adventurer, I doubt the new movie will drop that addition, but he will be more refined about it. More gentlemanly, if you will. Remaining a bit of a rogue, his reclaimed status will have done him the world of good.

    I'm kinda looking forward to what they end up doing with the tale :)


    I've read the lot now. Wow, you sure love your Holmes :D I don't have your knowledge though, but hope that if you do see the new movie you are not too sorely disappointed :)

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