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    Hello (greetings) professor, my name is XXX, I am from ChangHua and currently studying in XXXX.


    Since I was very young, my parents employed a more democratic and open way of education, giving me more independent thinking and room to express my opinions.


    I was not a kid who liked to show off and was not very active in performance. I rarely undertook the roles of class leaders, but I would always do my best in whatever the teachers and the leaders of the class offered me to, I believe that I was an very important part of the society too.

    我的興趣很廣泛,一年級時參加網球社,二年級則加入了社 (甚麼社?) 及桌球社,我尤其喜歡團隊運動,平常在學校喜歡和同學一起打籃球,在隊伍裡我喜歡當助攻者的角色,幫隊友製造得分機會,雖然得分的人不是我但我也十分開心,因為我認為這就是團隊合作的精神。以上是我簡單的自我介紹。

    My interests are of a wide range: I joined tennis club in year 1 (the first year), table tennis club in year 2 (the second year). I like team sports the most; I usually play basketball in school with my classmates, I play as an assisting role to create chance of scoring for my teammates, I would be happy although it was not me who scored, because I think this is the teamwork spirit. That's it, this is my self-introduction.

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    I joined 'the' tennis club in year 1, 'the' table tennis club in year 2.

    Source(s): 本身在外國讀書
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