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    9 years ago
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    Police: “Sir, please park your car along the roadside.”

    Driver: “What’s the matter?”

    Police: “We asked you to stop, because your car was drifting.”

    Police: “Please show me your driver license.”

    Driver: “Here it is.”

    Police: “Sir, this is an International Driver License. Do you have a Taiwan Driver License?”

    Driver: “I have a US Driver License. Because, I am working in Taiwan only a short while ago, I have not yet applied for a Taiwan Driver License.”

    Police: “This will not work. You need to have a valid Taiwan Driver License to drive in Taiwan highway.”

    Police: “Sir, your face is flushed. We also smell alcohol. Was you drinking earlier?”

    Driver: “I drank a little red wine during a dinner party with friend.”

    Police: “Sir, in Taiwan driving after drinking is against the rules. Driving with high blood alcohol content is illegal. Do you understand?”

    Driver: “I do not know one can’t drive after drinking.” Police: “Sir, in most countries, there is a rule prohibits driving after drinking. You should know better, when you have a US driver license. It is unbelievable for you to say that you do not know such a rule. Driving after drinking becomes a threat to both lives and properties of others. Do you understand?”

    Driver: “I understand”Police: “I am asking you to take a Breath Alcohol Tests.”Police: “the breathalyzer is now reseted.”Police: “Please brow air continuingly into the machine, until we ask you ask you to stop.”

    Police: “The breathalyzer is printing the result.”

    Police: “Your Breath Test result is 0.45 exceeding the 0.25 limit.”

    Police: “I am issuing you tickets for DUI and Driving without a license.”


    只有Driving Under the Influence (DUI)的規定


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  • 9 years ago

    Police: Sir, you car against the roadside stop.People: do you know what?Police: we have just found your vehicle instability, so will you stop stop.Police officer: please show your license, driver's license.People: here.Police: you, Sir, this is an international driver's license, you have Taiwan's license do?People: I in the United States have a license, because I just to Taiwan soon, so it did not go to exams you Taiwan's license.Police: so no, Taiwan drove on the road is to have a legitimate Taiwan driving licence.The police force, Sir, your face flushed, and we smell your wine, do you just have a drink?People: I've just drinking a little red wine with friends gathering.Police officer: Mr Taiwan drunk driving is the Act of violation, if the wine measured value is too high or unlawful acts, you know?People: I do not know in Taiwan can't drive after drinking.Police, now almost every country has "drunk can't drive" requirement, not to mention you in the United States also have to obtain a driver license, you say you don't know, it was incredible, and threats to the lives and property of others caused by drink-driving, you know?People: I know.Police: I should now like to implement alcohol concentration test for you.Police: alcohol measuring equipment now zero.Police: into the mouth hard and steady blow blowing, we call a halt before stopping.Police: alcohol measuring equipment is now printing your wine measured values.Police officer: measuring value of 0.45 your wine, has exceeded the standard value of 0.25.Police officer: now we police depart to you "drunk driving" and "driving without a license" 2 ticket.

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