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What does a spending cut mean?

What does a spending cut mean to the United States of America, and how will people be affected?


I mean how would they impose a spending cut on people?

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    A spending cut in washington speak is a reduction in the planned or projected budget item. Even though the item has an increase from the previous budget.

    For example if the budget for 2010 is 100m and the planned budget for 2011 is 120m but he 2011 budget is only(!) 115m that is a budget "cut" of 5m even though the budget for the item is increased by 15m.

    So the idea that any actual budget is "cut" is a lie. You have to dig beyond the sound bites to understand the misleading character of politics.

    I don't understand the part of the question about how they would impose a spending cut on people.

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    A spending cut means reducing the amount of capital you expend on a particular cause/ product

    By spending cuts on people, do you mean healthcare, or something else?

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    You've got a 3.8 trillion dollar budget and a 39 billion dollar spending cut.

    The spending cut does absolutely nothing, it's just a token gesture, the politicians are just wankers and killing us.

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    a spending cut means reducing the amount of money you spend.

    for example:

    if i spend $100 a month on starbucks, i CUT it in half by 50 i just cut my spending.

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