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i want to be an environmental scientist?

so i want to be an environmental engineer ( one of the many jobs you can get from becoming an environmental scientist ) so anyway how long do you think id be at college for? and are these the correct classes i should take?


environmental science



and maths!



also is it a good job to have in the uk?

Update 2:

also is it a good job to have in the uk?

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    If you want to be an environmental should major in environmental engineering. I am an environmental scientist. While you can get most environmental engineering jobs as an environmental scientist. Some companies prefer environmental engineering. Environmental science on the other hand is more multidisciplinary and allows for a broader range of career choices typically.

    As for classes, at university, you'll have core classes that include,





    chemistry (typically at least through organic chem 2 sometimes further is required)


    geography classes can be helpful, but it depends on where ur interests are

    - GIS is also a common class for envi science

    geology classes can be helpful as well

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    Actually check with the suggested courses for such a direction of study at the university you plan on attending. Also look at similar job listings in the paper or online to see if the BS is adequate, you may have to go for an MS which will add 2 years to an expected 5 years of study. You will also see what other minors might be a good idea to approach. Learning a second or third language, evenif not perfect, can give you an advantage over others if you don't mind looking at potential jobs in other countries.

    In the UK, it might be dicey. 7 years out is a long time, even 5 years is a long time. So be adaptable and realistic. You may end up having to settle for a job in an allied field.

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    I have a degree in Environmental Science and I can tell you, you should avoid Environmental Engineering if you want a real career in the Environmental Field. I have a few friends which joined me in going the environmental direction with college and the one who went with Environmental Engineering is designing landfills now for 15k less than I make. I've worked in Alternative energy research and development, Chemical and Nuclear Waste Management and even dived with sharks in San Diego to study their environmental living conditions. Go with chemistry not math ;) and get some geology in there geez, geology is huge in Environmentalism.

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    Study in "lab" sciences like chemistry and microbiology can lead to a career in public health, environmental health, etc. If you're leaning toward environmental engineering, you'll also be studying physics, material science, and the like.

    I found a brochure for the University of Southampton's environmental engineering program, it'll give you an idea of what you'll study and what the job opportunities are.

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    4 years and you need all of those subjects except geography although you'd probably be better off with it. California is a good place to have a job like that. Idk about UK

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