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2000 Honda Accord, car died, electrical & transmission problems, 197k miles?

I bought this used car from a dealer a couple of weeks ago. It had two indicator lights on SRS and brake light. The brakes worked great and stopped really well. The car was in an accident with the previous owner but it was repaired which is the reason for the SRS light.

A few days after, the fuel system light, "open door" lights and "brake lamp" lights all came on. I took the car to Advance Auto and then Pep Boys a few days later to have the battery and alternator checked. Both service techs who performed the tests said that both the alternator and battery were good. Yet, there is still a mystery as to why are the indicators are coming on one by one and staying on. Fortunately, the oil light neither the "engine maintenance" light never came on.

Then on one night on my way home from work, the ABS light came on (all the previous indicator lights mentioned are still on at this point) and all of a sudden the car fell out of gear. I stopped the car and shifted it back in the drive gear. I continued to drive but each time I got above 10 miles an hour it would jump out of gear. Each time I shifted the transmission, it jerked and lurched really hard. By this time, the lights were dimming and flickering. As I finally made it in the parking lot of my apartment building, the car "died" in middle of the parking lot. At first it wouldn't crank. Then it would crank but wouldn't fully turn over. I had to push the car in a parking space.

Any advice? The car drove great even for a 10 yr car with 197k miles and then all of a sudden this happens. I've only had the car for two weeks. What could be wrong?

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    I suspect the engine ground is bad. The battery and alternator ground to the engine, but just about everything else grounds to the chassis. If the two are not connected together the electrical system goes wacky. The test is to start the engine, turn on the lights, and measure the DC voltage between the engine and chassis. it should be under 1/10th volt. If the engine won't start, measure the voltage while trying to start it. If the ground is okay, try a new battery (or one from another car, or a jump start). Batteries with broken internal connections test good most of the time.

    Because the transmission disengaged when the ABS light came on I am confident it was the result of the electrical problem rather than an internal failure.

    Source(s): 35 years maintaining my own cars
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    this relies upon on the over all shape of your Honda now. what number miles are on on the motor? Is the outdoors/indoors greater healthy? Are the brakes/tires good? From what you have mentioned approximately your credit. If the answer to maximum of those questions is surprisingly good, then i'd pass to a "junk backyard" and see how plenty it would fee for a used transmission. Is the $4000 to restoration it from a sparkling vehicle broker or a restoration save? do never have any artwork completed at a sparkling vehicle dealership, they are going to consistently rape you! hit upon a restoration sho[p that has been in business enterprise a protracted time and focuses on foreign places transmissions. it would no longer be a bad theory to pass a foreign places auot aspects save. they are able to oftentimes steer you in the main marvelous course for a restoration storage.

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    Does your car have a V6 engine? I've read that the 2000 Accords with auto transmissions tend be have issues. Check out this link

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