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Hozumi Hasegawa gets KO'ed by Jhonny Gonzalez!?

I knew someone was getting knocked out in this fight. Gonzalez hits like a truck, but has a glass chin now. I was really hoping Hasegawa won, b/c I wanted to see him fight Chris John.

Kind of a weak stoppage to me though, tell me what you think:

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I am happy for Jhonny though, the guy is a warrior who has been elite for ages. Who do you think Gonzalez should fight next? I'm thinking a showdown between two of the hardest punchers by far at 126lb, Daniel Ponce De Leon (my boy) vs Jhonny Gonzalez. Someone is getting knocked out, probably brutally.

Update 2:

@fts1939: Yes, De Leon did just lose to Broner. Even though I had Broner barely winning, it was a very close fight that could have gone either way. Plus, De Leon jumped to 130lb for that fight b/c of the money and the chance to fight on HBO again. He is naturally a 126lb, and should be a good opponent for any of the tops guys there (except JuanMa, who blew him out in something like one minute). Thanks for answering!

Update 3:

@Vino..Sorry bro, all I saw was the last round. I don't think Hasegawa hit the deck before that though, I'll watch the whole fight and find out.

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    I thought it was weak too, very weak. The title holder on his feet with his gloves up? If Montiel could carry on then Hasegawa could.


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  • vino
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    9 years ago

    I did not see the whole fight. Did Hozumi hit the canvas before the 4th round stoppage in order for the ref to stop the fight in the 4th? Is Hasegawa took so much punishment in the early that is why the ref just suddenly stopped the fight? I thought he could continue further even though being down by that shot by the Mexican but I agree it was a weak stoppage. Plus Hozumi seem to continue those lazy jabs of him, he could improve that. Thanks for the link.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hasegawa didn't seem to be adequately prepared for this fight and got caught with a powerful punch to the midsection. Like you, I agree that it looked like a weak stoppage. Didn't Ponce De Leon just lost to Adrien Broner by UD last March 5?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    he could improve that. Thanks for the link.

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