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Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to the United States?

Efforts to bring large numbers of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to the United States were largely blocked by what?

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    9 years ago
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    American politicians and bureaucrats, while maintaining an appearance of great humanitarianism, used immigration policies to prevent Europe's Jews from escaping to the United States. For example, the policy of the U.S. State Department was, at best, wrongheaded. Many Americans expressed concern that Germans posing as Jewish refugees were trying to establish themselves in the U.S. for a takeover. The State Department, particularly Breckinridge Long, Assistant Secretary, took these exaggerated thoughts and used them to cut their quotas in half again. He did keep the President informed of his policies, but he always stressed it was for the betterment of America. At one point he instructed the immigration consuls to place "obstacles" in the way in order to make it very difficult to gain a visa.

    Source(s): Jewish family
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  • rimer
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    3 years ago

    I could answer because of the fact the previous solutions completely lack historic attitude. From approximately 1933, Jews have been forbidden to artwork interior the professions. 1934 - marriage and intercourse between Jews and non-Jews forbidden. After that there became right into somewhat a pause, yet you may keep in mind that legal secure practices for Jews became into withdrawn. Nazis ought to insult or sick-cope with them at will. 1938 - Kristallnacht - it became into then that the Jewish tragedy relatively began. Synagogues have been closed while no longer destroyed, and Jews had to placed on the megastar of David. 1939-40 many Jews have been moved east to the ghettos in Poland. 1942-3 the final Jews have been cleared out east to the death camps.

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