I have had The. Worst. Sore. Throat for 4 days now. It is the most painful thing i have ever been put through, my tonsils feel like they're the size of golf balls. They don't have any white film or anything covering them, they're sort of red but nothing like OMG red. I have been to the doctor twice this week first time, he told me to take tylenol and i'd be fine. second time, he told me that is was allergies and he prescribed me Zyrtec and an antibiotic. I have been taking them for two days, all of my other symptoms (runny nose, fever, chills, headache) have subsided, except my wicked throat ache and my ears. When i swallow it is excruciating pain and my ears hurt while i'm doing it. I have taken Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and i just took Percocet about an hour ago and NOTHING works. It hasn't even subsided with the Percocet.

What should i do? I fear that i'm becoming dehydrated because of my lack of being able to eat or drink. Please help me.

I've tried Halls cough drops(honey & lemon) it just made my throat have this layer of goo. I've tried salt water, it doesn't even reach the tonsils, i've tried mouthwash, i've tried everything i could think of!! PLEASSSSSE HELP ME.

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  • 10 years ago
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    definetely go to the emergency room just in case, u could have some bacterial infection deep within your throat.

  • J B
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    10 years ago

    You do NOT need to go to the Emergency Room. It takes a minimum of 72 hours for any antibiotic to be effective - it has not been that long yet. If you have Percocet, you can continue to use that for pain. You can also take some motrin/ibuprofen in-between the Percocet doses. You can take an over the counter decongestant which will help. You don't need to eat anything, just drink fluids and very, very cold fluids after the Percocet is working will help with the throat pain. You need to stay the course, give the antibiotics time to work and it will eventually get better and better. Continue with the salt water gargles - they DO help but you have to tip your head back and gargle. An ER visit can easily run $1000, only to have them tell you that you need to take pain medication and finish your antibiotics and at this point, there is no need.

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  • Liza
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    10 years ago

    If you are not running fever, unlikely strep throat. And you have some time to play with.

    Try this for 2-3 days. Post again or go different doc if not effective.

    1. When you wake up, don't swallow your saliva. Head straight to the washroom and brush your teeth. Scrap your tongue with a spoon. This somewhat removes some bacteria.

    2. Are you able to drink water? Is it too painful? If no, add some lemon juice to your water and drink 2-3 liters a day. Stop adding the lemon juice 4 hours before you sleep as Vit C may cause insomia in some people.

    3. If very poor appetite, substitute ice cream and yoghurt as meals.

    4. Avoid ginger, oily stuff, sweet stuff eg candies and chocolate, fried food eg nuggets and spices.

    5. Stop taking all cough drops and stop all mouth wash including salt water. It removes the normal flora and good bacteria also, causing your condition to deteriorate.

    6. Complete your antibiotic.

    7. Pinch your skin. If the skin does not fall back to normal instantly, means u r dehydrated. If u can't reverse this within 12 hrs, go ER.

    8. Make sure no blood in urine! A sign of strep throat.

  • 10 years ago

    Something this painful seems like it might be strep throat. There isn't any throat infection that comes anywhere close to the pain caused by strep. If i were in your situation i would go to a different doctor for this - maybe a walk-in urgent care or quick care facility that doesn't require an appointment. Or, if you go back to the same doctor, ask the doc to take a rapid antigen test, throat swab, or both.

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  • 10 years ago

    Sounds like tonsilitis. See a different doc.

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