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Is this just more GOP hypocrisy?

For the past 2 years, if anyone said:

"Unemployment rose from 4 to 8 % under Bush" (which is true) the GOP screamed "There you go! Blaming Bush!"

For the past 2 years, if anyone said:

"Bush took a surplus and turned it into a deficit" (which is true) the GOP screamed "There you go! Blaming Bush!"

Now, when the TEA-Publicans are doing everything they can to shut down the Govt, They are screaming "This was the fault of the Dems! They Did not pass a budget last year!" (which is true, but I assume that the GOP forgets that when the Dems brought the budget to the floor in December '10, the GOP filibustered it down.)

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    The GOP does not respond to logic or reason. They refuse to accept the fact that much of what they have done (and not done) is responsible for the problems we've suffered since Nixon was in office.

    Now the spooks that Nixon left in his wake have attempted one final stab at the heart of this proud nation. They are not conservatives. They are reactionaries spoiling for one last fight. The thugs and bullies believe they can overthrow 70 years of progress with a campaign of lies and hatred.

    The teabaggers will fail and fade into shame, just like Sarah Failin.

    Then the blame will stick, once and for all.

    Source(s): A full understanding of history.
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    Here are the facts:

    Unemployment for much of the Bush admin was 4%.

    When Democrats took control of both houses and Obama was elected Senator unemployment was at 5%.

    After 2 years of Democrats controlling both houses unemployment was at 7%

    Immediately after Obama's inauguration unemployment jumped to 8%.

    After passing the so called stimulus unemployment skyrocketed to 10%. This with a Democrat president and more than 2 years of both houses controlled by the Democrats.

    Unemployment has been above 9% for more than 2 years. This with a Democrat president who has held office for more than 2 years and 4 years of both houses controlled by Democrats!

    This shutdown is the fault of Democrats! Once again here are the facts:

    The budget they are currently working on is for 2011.

    Congress is Constitutionally required to pass a budget every year by September. Who had control of both houses and the presidency last Sept.?! That would be Democrats! Why didn't the Democrats who had control of both houses and the presidency not fulfill their Constitutional duty and do the job we pay them to do?!

    In December Democrats passed a bill to fund the government through March. Why didn't they do the job we pay them to do and pass a budget?!

    The Republican House has passed 2 budget bills. How many budget bills has the Democrat Senate passed?! That would be NONE! The Democrats keep saying they have a plan but have yet to present it or even pass a bill so that the house and the senate can start working together.

    What happened after the 95 shutdown?! We got a balanced budget!

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    The issue is not what it rose to but what the average unemployment rate was for George W. Bush's presidency, and that was about 4%. Unemployment rises and falls. The question should now be what has Obama done to create jobs in the private sector where real jobs are created. The answer is very little or almost nothing while placing the long term stability of the U.S. economy in jeopardy with massive spending and debt. The average unemployment rate since Obama took office is about 8%. Compare the figures and report them.

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    Paulina's spin game is in play. She states under Bush Underemployment went from 4% to 8% Witch is true HOWEVER: Under Clinton it was 5% and Bush had it down to 3.4% Then Democrat's took over Congress and it has been rising from that point. Blaming Bush is ludicrous. She also forgets that Clinton left America in a RECESSION that Bush got us out of . And the Budget the Dem's put fourth was MORE spending which is why Republicans put a stop to it . Obama has out spent all of the past Presidents COMBINED. Smart people will vote Republican !

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    Obama has been our President for two and one half years and for at least the last two tears of Bush's term the Dems had complete control of the Senate and Congress,.The Dems have been running our Gov't for nearly five years and every thing that is happening now is a direct result of their actions, or lack of action Obama has a problem accepting responsibility and wants to keep crying about it being" Bush's fault"...that is hypocrisy and Americans,contrary to what Obama thinks, are smart enough to recognize the true hypocrites.Under Obama the unemployment rate rose to the highest it's been in 40 years ! Hypocrisy !

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    1. Pelosi never passed any budget for two years! That's her job! This CR has been going on for over two years.

    #2. It is the PRESIDENT who is "shutting down" the government not the GOP.

    #3 Compromise with the Communistic Democrats is impossible, read Alinski.

    #4. If you look up the word Hypocrite in the dictionary it says "See Democrat".

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    Look at that!! Another mindless liberal sheep that lacks the intelligence to figure out that since Clinton had a budget deficit EVERY YEAR he was in office.. he couldn't have had a surplus. It's really not that hard of a concept.. yet no liberal seems to get it.

    Not to mention, of course, that you've ignored the fact that the unemployment rate in January 2009 was 7%, and the unemployment rate in general only began to increase AFTER democrats gained control of congress.

    You fail.. again.

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    With the victory of the American people over Big Union corruption and progressive fascism, (Wisconsin reelected PROSSER over the PU stooge) there is a great sign of freedom and a return of power to the people not the elites.

    Despite the cheating by unions, the corruption of the Madison 14, and the wave of hate bused in on the PU workers' dime... the people have reclaimed their state and the country its nation!

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    So now exposing the fact is taken into consideration a smear? the authentic question is how did Obama deal with to keep his conceal united statesgoing see you later as his did and could Obama be the first US President to actual flow to reformatory?

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    The GOP doesn't believe what it says it believes, doesn't ever do what it claims it will do, and stands for nothing it preaches non-stop. Hypocrisy is what politicians do and the GOP has raised it to an art.

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