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Is the M-16 favored over the AK in the U.S. because they're American?

I believe depending on what part of the world you go to will determine peoples view on M-16 vs. AK. But if people believe the AK is incompetent, why did the Viet Cong for ten years slaughter U.S. Marines within meters with their AKs!? When the M-16A1 was produced, our troops were told it didn't need to be cleaned and weren't given cleaning kits. Well lo'and behold, the M-16 jammed and the Viet Congs AKs kept on firing! The AK is an excellent survival weapon. So yeah, even the bada$$ U.S. Marines and their M-16s lost to a bunch of little gooks with AKs!

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    The M-16 was widely copied by the communists along with ammunition.

    The ammo was sub standard and the brass casings would frequently expand in the bore and stick, and the ball ammo built by communist insurgents was too high in pressure often breaking even the real US production M-16s.

    The standard production Colt with it's vanadium moly steels was durable. The copy was plain Jane steel and would pit, gall and even explode.

    But the US sabotaged early AK-47 was worse.

    Very early AK 47s used milled steel receivers. Because the round of the AK-47 is fatter, higher loads are placed on the rear of the cartridge. AND THE RECEIVER. When our commandos would switch their ammo these early issue AK-47s would KILL their operator.

    Some "block" countries STILL produce AK-47 "influenced" firearms with milled receivers.

    THESE are STILL vulnerable to tampered ammunition.

    The AK-74 is a better choice. It has longer range, and it's round is less stout, so it places less stress on the receiver.

    Ammo tampering is not new to war. It's been a covert tactic employed by various Armies for over 100 years.

    The M-16 is actually LESS vulnerable to tampering than the AK-47. EVEN when it DOES get exposed to bad ammo the M-16 Design does not go boom, most of the time.

    THE AK-47 will not USUALLY be fire-able after exposure to tampered with ammo.

    The M-16 usually will, but only one round at a time, and that round will stick in the bore.

    THIS is the oft used reference to "packed" ball ammo in military reports. Normally, one uses LESS ball powder. One doesn't PACK it.

    We chose to keep moral up.

    Odd I guess, given the race riots...

    Why wouldn't we have just "given up"?

    Those nice communists who would shoot an entire village, or run them unarmed 500 miles down a trail, give them a fresh uniform (their first) and an AK-47 with three rounds in it, to charge US machine guns, THEY were surely the BETTER ... what I'm at a loss for words... surely they aren't men.

    Why would we lie about the number of spies in the USA? Mr. McCarthy?

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    Well once again you are just showing how ignorant you are about firearms or the difference between russian and USA tactics. Stop playing call of duty and actually learn something.

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  • 9 years ago

    Shut the F U C K up! :) Mkkayyy byeee ugly d i c k

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