Why does Israel want sinai?

i understand it's a "holy" place and all, but that it's not really an excuse to attack egypt and take it. some say it used to belong to the jews. but still its not an excuse to take it. WHAT DO THEY WANT??!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Israel does not "want" Sinai.

    Israel ended up with the Sinai (briefly) after the 1967 war.

    Israel attacked Egypt AFTER:

    Egypt declared war on Israel

    Egypt massed its troops on the border

    Egypt booted out the UN peacekeepers from the border


    Egypt sealed the straits of tiran, another act of war under the existing treaty between Egypt and Israel at that time

    Israel ended up winning the Sinai and immediately offered to trade all land won in that war in exchange for peace.

    there were no takers. Instead, the famous "three no's of Khartoum."

    A few years later, Egypt (Saddat) asked if the offer was still on the table.

    Even though Israel had built a billion dollar airport and drilled oil in the Sinai already, Israel said, "Yes" and traded the land for peace.

    As part of the deal, the Sinai became a demilitarized zone. In other words, it is Egypt, but Egypt agrees not to put military troops there. (It is right up against Israel and Israel is concerned that if troops are massed there, by the time Israel would know there is an attack, the country could be split in half already.)


  • 10 years ago

    Israel doesn't want Sinai. Hasn't attacked it. And gave it to Egypt in exchange for a piece of paper that offered peace.

    What did you really mean to ask?

    FYI, in order to give Egypt the Sinai, Israel had to remove a number of large settlements. Plus the Sinai was the ONLY land Israel ever had with oil, at a time when Israel's economy was mush and inflation was threatening to end the country.

    In 1967, Egypt closed the straits, an act of war, while formally threatening on international TV to wipe Israel off the map. Israel responded and in that skirmish, gained the Sinai. Immediate Israel offered it back to Egypt in exchange for peace. The response was the famous three nos from Kartum "no peace, no negotiation, no Israel." And that's how Israel started settling and integrating the Sinai (actually they offered a couple more times first.)

  • Ted K
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    10 years ago

    Israel never "wanted" Sinai, I don't know where you got such a strange idea. They occupied it for a while after '67, but then later returned it to Egypt, who has had it ever since. Their reason for taking it in the first place was because it served as a strategic/tactical buffer between Israel and Egypt. But since the two countries made peace with each other and signed a treaty, there was no longer any reason for Israel to keep it, so they gave it back.

  • 10 years ago

    I was in Sinai in November 2010 and all I came across were a lot of very hospitable Egyptians. Not an Israeli tank or soldier in sight.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What are you talking about? Israel already took Sinai from Egypt in 1968 and they voluntarily gave it back already.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They don't. It's 23,000 square miles of nothing but sand and rock. The only thing they would want it for is as a buffer. Considering they have a viable treaty with Egypt that even the Muslim Brotherhood said they would honor what's the problem?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    We want to keep reading fairy tales. Bless the beast and breast cancer. I hate these politics from beggining to end. Seriously we are talking pure politics. Not people end of agenda.

    Source(s): It is our physical geography to disagree
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