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Panl Anke time of your life

Paul Anke的 time of your life 的.歷史;作曲;填詞人;内容簡介;音樂形色;特色

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    Times of Your Life (1975)

    歌手: Paul Anka

    作曲;Roger Nicols

    填詞人: Bill Lane

    音樂形色;特色: 是極傷感歌曲, 懷念過去人生旅程, 人生匆匆, 好時光, 傷痛日子.

    One of those days will come when we open our eyes and reflect upon the journey of our life, thinking about the old days, good and bad time which inevitably bring back lots of fond memories. Well, think of how time could possibly flash by so fast. We can't freeze time to a standstill. Reminisce those time in school and in university, and recall how our cute little children growing up, and see your friends all get married and have families of their own. Paul Anka is indeed one of the rare singers who still manages to stir those nostalgic feeling inside the deepest part of our hearts in this timeless masterpiece, “Times of Your Life”.



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