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B lymphocytes provide cellular immunity against infection?

true or false

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    It is true, but the guy above me is wrong.

    B lymphocytes are NOT part of innate immunity. They are part of acquired immunity because they react differently to infection the second time around. This is why vaccines work: your B cells create antibodies that recognize foreign antigens, and then the next time the antigen invades, the response will be rapid and more effective.

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    Actually the answer is false. B lymphocytes provide humoral immunity while T lymphocytes provide cellular immunity.

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    4 years ago

    Natural methods don't work. Immunity against infection is largely genetic or based on chance. Vitamin C and D don't actually help unless you are malnourished. Local honey would help with pollen based allergies, but not infectious disease.

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    Lympocytes fall under the innate immunity.

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