Chicago tinted car window ticket?

I relocated to Chicago from LA last year. The very next week I brought my car here, wich was still a CA license plate car, got a ticket for a tinted window. I was in a visitor / tourist status. I contested the ticktet through mail but failed to appear for it because of an unexpected travel. After all these months, now I got my car transferred to Chicago license plate, got my IL driver's license and a full time windy city guy now. I checked the Chicago revenue site now for that ticket status and it says

Smoked/tinted windows parked/standing

<CA license plat #>




Dismissed .

Can I sleep peacefully now? I didnt do anything special other than sending a contest by mail but never appearing it!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, you can sleep peacefully for now regarding THAT ticket because the city department of revenue automatically dropped the ticket because at the time it was issued the car was registered to a California resident. Whatever you do, go get those front window tints removed because now that it's got an Illinois plate on it, it would not be dismissed and its a very expensive ticket. And make sure you purchase a city vehicle sticker as that is an expensive ticket that catches newer residents by surprise, as well. So, to sleep well, either have the tints removed at a shop that puts window tints on or use a blow dryer on hot setting and razor blade scraper to remove the front window tints yourself to save money.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): 16 year Chicago police
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Most hang on tickets that has a simple mistake are taken car of by mail in appeal. It was looked at and they saw the revenue officer was wrong giving you a ticket at that time, law has a waiver for visitors.

    Your done. They believe their web site more than they believe live people.

    Now a word to the wise. In real life if they wanted to you could have been charged. No matter where you car is registered you took up residence ( your in visitor status but living here, c'mon, if you do get in real trouble never ever try that on a Cook County judge) and the situs of the vehicle was Chicago.

  • haper
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    3 years ago

    Im uncertain concerning to the guidelines there, yet you're able to be waiting to locate a interior reach tint shop that may additionally assist you out.. whether its no longer limo there are purely particular probabilities you ought to use on particular homestead windows.. this varies state to state. a stable tint instruct could have a meter to degree whats on there and notice if its criminal..

  • 9 years ago

    just in case call 1-217-785-8619 and follow directions. this is not a well known number. Illinois only.

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