my last name frund loooooook ok?

it is not german at all it is east france belfort france then im like 60 percent italian. mafia la cosa nostra in family

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    If your surname Frund and some of your Frund ancestors came from the area of Belfort in France, in what is now the department (like a state in the USA) of Franche-Comté, then you probably know the political history of that area and that at one time it was owned/governed by Austria (a country where German is spoken.)

    Also, until 1871, Belfort was part of the département of Haut-Rhin, in Alsace. The area of Alsace alternately changed governance between France and Germany over the years. Many with German sounding and German spelled surnames came from Alsace.

    Source of info:

    So, those Frund ancestors of yours could have been German speakers "way back when."

    If you are researching your family history/family tree, just trying to find out the language of origin of a surname is not the way to go about the research, however.

    I suggest you start learning about how to properly conduct your genealogy research by reading the info in this online guide:


    Be sure to read the info in the General Subjects links as well as others that seem relevant to you.

    If you are not aware of it, there is a message board for those researching family lines with the surname Frund:


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