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Irony behind strict gun laws?

New Jersey and California have some of the most strict gun policies in the United States. They also share a 10 round limit for handguns and the highest property taxes in the US. Does our government not want us to have our cake and eat it too? They want us to have proper homes, however, we have these taxes. And they (sort of) allow us to use guns, but pretty strictly, and discriminatory. In my opinion, both states also have the worse governors in the States (Schwarzenegger and Christie). Both of them are hypocrites, and both of them don't support gay marraige. Doesn't affect me, I'm just including it. What is the point behind such strict gun laws if criminals are always going to have ways of acquiring guns? Law-abiding citizens shouldn't be punished b/c of criminals. I think a CCW would look much more unneccessary with a 20 round mag much like a Glock does with 30 mags but the laws are just confusing and unneccessary when there are as many as there currently are.

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    They know gun laws don't reduce crime and it was proven in Chicago during the 20+ year gun ban and its one of the most violent places in the country. The same with DC and their gun ban. The same with Mexico and their gun ban. I believe 50 cal rifles are illegal in California but what criminal is going to carry around a 50 cal rifle for home invasions and corner store robberies? California and NJ made collapsing stocks and bayonet lugs illegal. Was there really a huge danger of criminals using a bayonet lug or a collapsible stock to commit a crime?

    Anything past background checks has nothing to do with trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

    Ron Paul said a great thing when he said the government should have to follow the same laws as the people so if we are only allowed to have 10 round magazines (its not a clip its a magazine) the government is only allowed to have 10 round magazines. We are a government of the people afterall.

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    Look it ok in my liberal opinion to own fire arms and carry concealed or open however what is the necessity of having a 30 rd clip, if you need a 30 rd clip you either can not shoot straight or should hire a body guard. Having a 10 rd or 6 shooter for protection is fine also they should all be licensed and registered with ballistics like in NY.

  • strict gun laws protect the criminals

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    1 decade ago

    there is no reason a 105lb 5ft 2, female can't just karate chop a 250bl 6ft 6, knife wielding madman.

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    1 decade ago

    I heard they worked well for Brazil too...

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    Helps if you know what you are talking about.

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