American Idol Pia Toscano SENT HOME. Do you agree with the votes?

American Idol Pia Toscano was sent home today, THANK GOD FINALLY!

Do you agree with the results?

I hope Scotty is next.

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    10 years ago
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    While I agree that Stephano deserved to go instead of Pia, I am not shocked at the decision. In fact, show producer Nigel Lithgow confirmed that in the weeks leading up to Pia's dismissal, she was never at the top in the voting, so she was actually not the fan favorite.

    Look, she has a big voice and can hit the high notes as a diva should. She obviously felt her music and connected with a lot of people, but did she really connect any better than other top idol female balladeers? I'm not so sure, which is the whole issue. Idol has changed in the last several years to include artistry. Someone who takes an artistic approach to their singing and song arrangement is far more interesting than someone who basically does a really good job copying a Whitney or Mariah hit. Pia basically sung ballads every week in the same style that the original artists who had hits with them did. And though she sang them well, it became boring. This kind of stuff is what you would hear at the finals of a national karaoke competition. And believe me, the finalists at these national karaoke contests can sing and hit all the big notes too. But they are boring, because they sing to the same arrangements that were radio hits and basically copy the original artists.

    The other singers like Casey and the rocker dude with turrets maybe quirky, but they are interesting. They are also very talented singers, who unlike Pia, have artistic vision and far superior musical chops. This results in better song arrangements and an someone who's his own artist. With that said, Pia has what it takes to make a living in the business and I hear Jimmy Iovine is going to sign her. However, I will be surprised if her success is anymore than that of Kathleen McPhee's. Her style is definitely Adult Contemporary and her audience is the same as McPhee's, but and unless you've had years of prior pop success, it's hard to break big in that niche. And though she has a great voice, it's not one of those once in a decade voices like Christina, Mariah or Celine. She will need great songs, great producers, an image makeover, effective marketing and a lot of luck to make it big.

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    I agree and I disagree.

    I agree that either Stefano or Paul should have been sent home instead of her, but I disagree that she was THAT good/awesome. I seriously didn't see her as a potential winner anyways. I'm glad Casey got the save, he deserved it much more IMO.

    I didn't vote for Pia because she was repetitive. She could hit the notes but she was boring and did not put ANY emotion into her songs. To be honest, she deserved to stay longer. She is definitely better than Paul, Stefano, and definitely Lauren. But all the other contestants IMO were a lot better than her, including vocally. But what can we do about it? The only girl w/ real talent in Haley. It's clear all the teenage girls control the vote and vote for people like Scotty because "he is cute." The one thing I'm happy is that the judges saved Casey:)

    While Pia is boring, Casey is better vocally and has so much more style and personality! Like Randy says, he revolutionizes music! Screw all the people who say Casey shouldn't have been saved, he is one of the best this season! While Scotty is good, he doesn't deserve to win simply due to his looks, but I bet you just that will happen.

    And think about it, what did Pia bring new to the table? She is just a Celine-Dion wannabe. If you want ballads then buy a Celine Dion CD!

    However, people like James, Haley, and Casey bring something new to the music industry. I could see myself going to a James, Haley, Casey, and even a Paul concert - but to a Pia concert? Nope, can't see that. Sorry...

    And yes, Stefano is good but it was his time to go. He knew it and the judges knew it. Still, Casey deserved the save WAY more IMO. Pia wasn't THAT good, people need to get over it.

    I hope James or Casey wins so they can bring something new to the music industry.

    My top 3: Casey, James, and Haley!

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    Did you notice that only 2 girls are left?? That is because it is mostly high-school girls doing the voting and they seem to be voting for the one they wish would be their boyfriend rather than the one with the most talent and star quality.

    True, Pia has not had the stage presence of James or Haley (translated as using up the stage when performing - not just standing in the middle) BUT, her voice should have won any singing competition and That is what this is supposed to be about.

    I do agree that Scotty should go very soon, and Stefano and Paul.

    At this point, the winner should be James Durbin. -

    If we let the pre-teens and young teens continue to rule the voting process - will soon be down to all guys - and since teens don't go for the bushy beards - Casey may be going soon too.

    If Scotty, Stefano and Paul continue to survive - will be a real shame.

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  • 10 years ago

    I do not agree with these votes!

    In my mind, Pia Toscano IS American Idol, even if the morons sent her home! OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so angry that she went home!

    The makers of American Idol better change the rules because of this. I'm sorry. They better make exceptions when it's so blatantly obvious that the singer IS the best on stage! Pia can make whole albums TODAY! She is READY NOW! All the others are not quite there yet!

    At least someone will see this (David Foster?) and pick her up! I'm betting on it! I always say this about good singers that get eliminated: At least they got their voices heard nationally, so someone will pick them up and give them a chance! But still, Pia did not deserve to go home, even if she is successful in the future. She still deserved to WIN this competition!

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  • 10 years ago

    LMFAO! Hell no Pia should should have won!

    My list on who I think should be voted off next







    and James and Scotty for the finale!

    Pia was the only one in with real talent!!! but if you realize maybe 3 out of 9 of the past Idol winners are still famous. So it doesn't matter if you win Pia is going to be big!

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    10 years ago

    I don't agree with it. Not at all. I mean I thought it was a competition not just a favorites competition. The woman blew it out of the park with that song, and she shouldn't have went home! The bottom 3 should have been: Stefano, Paul, and Jacob. While we're on the subject of Jacob, since someone said that Pia had done all ballads. What about Jacob? He was the one who said himself, that he couldn't "Sing a song that was merely just for fun" to me that says he's not that flexible! Im not saying the man doesn't have talent-but Pia went out of the box here and she gets sent home? WTH? Do you really see yourself sitting at a concert where the whole thing is nothing but gospel music and ballads with Jacob? I think he's talented and no doubt whether he wins idol or not someone is going to pick him up, but America got it friggin wrong wrong wrong this time.

  • Pia was not my favorite American Idol contestant by far, but I do not agree that she should have gotten sent home last night. Stefano should have gotten sent home way before Pia was. I don't think she would have made it to the finale because of her lack of stage presence, but she could (and should have) made it further in the competition than she did. Now that I think of it, Stefano should have gone home a long time ago....

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    10 years ago

    American Idol judging never made sense to me. How can you professionally pick the best person when you start the season with celebrity judges carefully choosing who stays and who goes and the rest of the season the contestants' fate is in the hands of a bunch of teens texting their votes on their mobile phone?

    It starts off as a talent contest and ends as a popularity contest.

    Even though Pia was a great singer, she lost in the popularity contest with the voters out in the world, probably due to her almost snobbish, cold, personality which may eventually get her in the music biz, but not by the votes of the television viewer.

  • 10 years ago

    Absolutely Not ! Pia has consistency and that is what many of the other contestants lacked . She was BY FAR the best on that show , and I believe American Idol will start too see a decrease in the number of viewers because of this .

  • 10 years ago

    I agree with you about Pia being sent home. Although she sings really good, she was so boring to listen to and seemed to be not to have a style of music that is "within this decade". I really don't see why people are so upset that she got voted off. However I think Scotty has a potential to win.

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