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Can the family do something if something happens to my grandmother in a nursing home?

I have heard that they want to take away home health care for my Grandmother(possibly). If they take her to nursing home and something happens within a month (or less) could the family do something? I'm curious thanks. I'm just curious at this point.


Alzheimer patient but still could be maintained at home.

Update 2:

You know what I mean "Nursing Homes" just type in Google for examples.

Update 3:

Typing into Google news with certain keywords.

Update 4:

Also: She is stable for her condition at home at this point and if god gives.

Update 5:

Reply to answer#:2 We do not want to and at this point she still eats and even recalls family time to time. They may do it involuntary her aids do a great job providing the care. I do not want to loose my Grandmother in a month or less at those places. Reply # 1 Thank You your reply was informative.

Update 6:

* Unless of course signatures are required that will not be signed unless necessary. Even the aids agree that she still could be cared for at home and they like to continue the services as long as she can eat herself (with their help).

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    there are reasons that this suggestion came's not just someone saying something off the top of their head..the homecare company usually has a social worker assess the situation, besides the doctor, & the input from your may just want to talk to the primary cargegivers for your may also request that you go to the places that are suggested so you may have some input into her care...good luck, but Alzheimer's is not an easy course, & your family may have done all they can for her @ this stage...

    hon, by primary caregivers, I mean her children, whoever's home she is in right now & whatever family member she has, not the aides..the aides don't want to be out of their job, & frankly don't have the education for this type of assessment...again, social worker, home care NURSE (& NOT who you THINK is a nurse, they have a name tag..should say RN), doctor, & family...the aides are usually paid for by the caregivers, or you need to have specific disciplines in the home taking care of your grandma to enlist the help of the aides...if there is no medical need for a discipline, then her insurance will not provide regular's like staying in the hospital when nothing is wrong with you medically..I truly hope that you understand, but talking to the RN, or the doc, or the insurance company about what their criteria is for homecare will help you considerably..the social worker puts this all together for your homecare company, they should be able to get the answers for you...good luck!!

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    You have to discover out what your entire grandmother is authorized to convey together with her. When my mom went right into a nursing dwelling,we have been competent to convey in plenty of images(taped to the wall).And her possess garments(placed her title on them).And a radio and TV.We additionally had a few of her favourite knickknack's.Some properties also have private room telephones to be had(you pay) for her room.Cable TV was once further each month too.We introduced in my moms favourite blanket(her title on it) too.Put her title on the whole thing !!! Where my mom was once had a choice of personal or semi-personal rooms(availability). We additionally would seek advice from 24/7/365.I did too for a little while to look how matters have been performed and her stage of care(during the day/night time) My mom got here to like the location.They continually had discipline journeys,animal (cure puppies) seek advice from,career hair salon,events,topic days,college choir concert events,church,crafts,and plenty of different matters.The nursing dwelling had a financial institution to position cash in so if my mother desired a few sweet,her hair performed,a discipline go back and forth,eating place go back and forth,whatever from a shop,the dwelling could handle it and maintain a tally.This was once satisfactory when you consider that it supposed my mother would perform anything she desired.We simply stored her cash within the financial institution. If you have got any additional know-how I probably competent to support with,suppose loose to put in writing me.I'll do what I can for you. Call the BBB,Angie's List,Senior Center to get a know-how approximately the dwelling.Some are larger then others.Make certain to seek advice from it throughout a supper time too.See how the individuals are being feed and the types of meals.If it smells like urine within the location(sufferer hallways),I do not don't forget that to be a well signal. I visited many houses after which narrowed it all the way down to a couple of.Then I took my mom to them so she would support make the last alternative. Hope this is helping a few :)

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    if granny can be cared for at home dont put HER IN A NURSING HOME please x

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