What is the difference between bueno, buena, buenas, and buenos?

Its for spanish...and im not sure how to use them, or how they are different..srry im a begginer in spanish!

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    1.Que bueno que ya no estas mala.

    2.Esta manzana estaba muy buena.

    3.Maria me dijo buenas noches.

    4.Hoy le dije a mi papa buenos días y el me dijo buenos días tambien.

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    Bueno is male and singular. Is it used to qualify a person, an object or a situation.

    Buena is female and singular. Is it also used to qualify a person, an object or a situation.

    Buenos is male and plural. Buenas is female and plural. Both are used as their singular forms.


    Juan es bueno en la escuela (Juan is good at school)

    María es buena cocinando (Maria is good cooking)

    Esta relación no es buena para ninguno de los dos (This relationship is not good for anyone of us)

    Los ajos son buenos para la salud (Garlic are good for health)

    Las tortillas son buenas si son hechas sólo de maíz (Tortillas are good of they are made only with corn)

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    You have to look at the noun. If the noun is masculine and singular use bueno.

    feminine and singular, use beuna.

    masculine and plural use buenos

    feminine and plural use buenas.

    Example: El chocolate es bueno. (Since the word chocolate is singular and masculine you would use bueno.)

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    The difference is number and gender. "Bueno" is an adjective, and its number and gender have to match what it's describing.

    Bueno - Singular, masculine

    Buena - Singular, feminine

    Buenos - Plural, masculine

    Buenas - Plural, feminine

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  • Sex is the difference. bueno(s) (male) Buena(s) (female)

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