Does The donald have a valid point on obama's birth?

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    It's more funny than anything else NBC(GE) getting burned by their own flame.One of those sound byte ideas that can't be taken back. They are right about one thing-millions more now want to know what it is all about. It's hard for the left to spin this since most Americans just say-well show it to us if you got one. 2 million on legal fees spent in Hawaii-what is up with that?

    Had it been anyone else they would have responded that he is crazy and all the other spin. She just sit there-like it was the dreaded revenge-now the question is what did they do to piss her off so much-and more important what will she do next!!

    Got no body to blame but themselves and that is funny.


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    His whole argument hinges on heresy of someone else - and even that's based on a separate article he read somewhere.

    Meanwhile government officials were satisfied with the evidence that Obama presented nearly 4 years ago! Even the Republican leadership accepted the evidence.

    This "issue" officially died 4 years ago. The birthers are nothing but a bunch of sour-grapes losers and nut jobs. Even FOX News stopped covering the Birthers because they've said nothing new since they first showed up and all their claims have been proven wrong, multiple times. Even Republicans have told the birthers to knock it off, and accept the fact that Obama won the presidency legitimately.

    So, no, Trump doesn't have a valid argument here, and as far as I'm concerned, he's destroyed any political credibility he may have had. The guy's basically no better equipped to run the country than Sarah Palin. If he does decide to run, I don't expect him to survive beyond the first few primaries.

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    1 decade ago

    To be a Birther, you would have to believe the following things:

    1) The State of Hawaii faked Obama's Live Certificate of Birth.

    2) That back in the early 1960's, the ad that ran in the Honolulu newspaper announcing Obama's birth was a fake and part of an effort to cover up Obama's actual foreign birth.

    3) That both the State of Hawaii and person or people behind the newspaper ad were part of a cover up and knew Obama would some day run for President as an adult and be questioned about his birth.

    4) That Obama was part of this plan and cooperated with it fully knowing his full destiny.

    5) That close friends and family were in on this cover up and presidential plan.

    Now some may call the birthers simple conspiracy theorists. I call them morons.

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    I don't think Trump has any real ideas at all. He repeats conservative or libertarian platitudes culled from polling results.

    The claims The Donald makes about Obama's birth have already been discredited, totally, repeatedly. They have not taken root in the major media, and that's not just because they're lies but because the media knows that beating that old dead horse will cheese off more viewers than it will please. That's Glenn Beck stuff, and you can see what's gong on with him. 8^P

    So as I see it, The Donald began spouting this nonsense, Meredith Vieira allowed him to go on without challenging him, to allow him to hang himself. She didn't need to challenge him, and she didn't see it as her job to set him straight, since they both know he's lying anyway, as do 80-90% of her viewers.

    Vieira is not a political commentator, simply an interviewer, The job of an interviewer is to help the interviewee to get his words out, to say what he wants to say, not to challenge him or to try to discredit him. At least in the mainstream media that's true. On Fox News the job of an interviewer is to shout down the interviewee, talk over him, call him an idiot to his face, and to tell him to -shut up-. That's why I don't watch Fox News.

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  • 4 years ago

    real human beings understand what the form says. Do you think of you would be a organic born American citizen if your mom and dad have been on trip in Spain, or worked foreign places once you have been born? ....... definite you would be. merely like John McCain is a organic born citizen even regardless of the undeniable fact that he grew to become into born in Panama .... because of the fact a minimum of on of his mom and dad grew to become into an American citizen end of tale. ( the certainty that the State of Hawaii says Obama's delivery certificates is valid is a mute factor you will possibly prefer to instruct his mom isn't his mom) Be a stable American study the form

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    1 decade ago

    Yes , he does.

    I truly believe when he ran for senator of Illinois, the incompetent fools there, never questioned his eligibility.

    Now, it would be a national crisis, a laughing stock of the world.

    I am sure the FBI,CIA has covered up anything, that would bring down the presidency.

    There are records from Germany during the war, and yet

    no records from the hospital that he was supposedly born in.

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    The horses already got out of that barn, ran around the track, and came back. If Trump wants to attack something, he should just stick with the fact that Obama hasn't done a good enough job to warrant being re-elected.

  • Tiny
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    1 decade ago

    Obama refuses to simply provide a legitimate birth certificate and has spent untold millions to seal up his past and school records that could possibly tattle on him. I'm sure once he's voted out it will all come out in the open but of course it will be too late to do anything about it.

  • 1 decade ago

    No and who cares his presidency is almost over anyway the point even if there was one to begin with is moot

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