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Will any of Pelosi's 6 million claimed seniors be saved from starving if....?

...she & the dems decide not to fund these dem pork projects?

===> These are a tiny fraction of dem pork from the list in the link.

$1,454,000 Viticulture Consortium Special Research Grants

$1,805,000 Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center

$3,654,000 Center for Grape Genetics

$1,454,000 Mosquito Trapping Research

$2,230,000 Hawaii Animal Plant Health

$1,438,000 Tropical Aquaculture Feeds

$1,000,000 DuPage County Conservation Service

$1,518,000 Animal Vaccines

$3,654,000 University of Toledo Greenhouse and Hydro- ponics

$1,500,000 Wisconsin Livestock Identification

$2,500,000 Dairy Forage Research Center

$4,000,000 Dairy Forage Agricultural Research

$2,000,000 Appalachian Fruit Laboratory

$1,000,000 Marshall Space Flight Center

$1,325,000 City of Oakland, Oakland Police

$1,200,000 City of Los Angeles, Gang Reduction

$2,000,000 Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

$2,250,000 University of Hawaii, Institute of Marine Biology

$3,000,000 NOAA/Fisheries, Honolulu, Big Eye Tuna Quotas

$2,500,000 Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hilo

$5,000,000 University of Hawaii, Supercomputing Center

$3,000,000 Marine Science and New Bedford, New England Multi-Species Surveys

$1,000,000 Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Scallop Fishery Assessment

$1,750,000 Marine Education Program in Hawaii

$3,000,000 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration

$1,000,000 Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, Baltimore Youth Mentoring Programs

$3,000,000 Univ. of Md., Baltimore Integrating Climate Change into

$200,000 ACCESS—Arab Community Center

$5,000,000 North Dakota State University Advanced Nanomaterials Research

$2,700,000 University of Nebraska Medical Center, Surgical Options in Space

$3,000,000 Teach for America, New York, STEM Activities

$1,600,000 Mount Vernon, Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative

$1,500,000 West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, Natural Stream Design

$12,000,000 AFIP / Joint Pathology Center Records Digitization

$2,400,000 Desert Locust Laser Protective Lens

$1,900,000 Relocation of the Northern Great Plains Interagency Dispatch Center

$4,000,000 Puget Sound Ecosystem Research Initiative

$2,000,000 Ice Age National Scenic Trail (National Park Service - Land Acquisition)

$40,000,000 Intl. Prog. for Elimination of Child Labor for U.S. effort to combat child labor

$5,000,000 New Leaders for New Schools for activities

$1,000,000 Sewall-Belmont House and Museum, Washington, DC, for exhibitions

$1,200,000 State of Maryland for the Unified Oral Health Education

$876,600 Alien Species Action Plan Inspection Facility

$3,896,000 llinois Downstate Bus & Bus Facilities (Buses & Bus Facilities)

$3,497,000 National Center for Natural Products Research, Oxford

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    9 years ago
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    Nancy Pelosi is a liar. Even the liberal washington post says so

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  • 9 years ago

    No, it's not pork the republican's need to have the Ice Age National Scenic Trail since their cover was blown about the Appalachian hiking.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That woman is unhinged.

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