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Poll- Who has the most unusual Name you know?

I know 3x Families who all have unusual names. Well they are to me. I live in Ireland and these families also Live in Irl & Great Britain.

Family :


Adam (I don't think that's his full name 1st name)



Nathaniel & Twin sister Amelia (Is it amelia? I can never remember that childs name!)

Family 2:


Blaine (A girl)

and twin Boys Caspian and Fabian are due in 3 weeks!

Family 3:



Pax & Rian.

I also Know A Girl called Aiden Grace, Bentley Granger. She's 4. She has 2x Middle names!


Jude isn't very unusual. It was My friends dad's name. But he died 10 or so years ago when my friend was a bay/ Toddler. R.I.P Jude. And I actually think Phoenix is a cool name! I'd named my son or daughter Phoenix!

Update 2:

soirsce is the same as Saoirse which is an Irish name! Not unusual at all over here. I know 2 Saoirses, no soirsces though.

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    I was out shopping the other day and I heard a woman call out to her small daughter,

    "Clitoria! Come here hunny!"

    I was like What...... the...... heck.....

  • A close friend of mine has a sister named Duaria (said like the name Eduardo, but without the E at the beginning, and with an R-ee-ah sound at the end) - sorry if that's a bit confusing, but I'm not sure how exactly to explain it (lol)

    Also, I went to High School with a girl named Lovely-Pansy, that was actually her first name, not even kidding. She was really gorgeous though and very friendly, and oddly enough her name suited a way :P

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    I really love the names Caspian and Pax. :]

    I don't really know any families with all unusual names, but I know individual people with unusual names.

    I know this guy named Jephthah (pronounced JEFF-thuh)

    And this boy named Augustine Leonidas.

    Ooo, I know this family with two children called Cormac and Keira, but I suppose that common for you.

    And I babysit these boy/girl twins named Montana Rae and Tyson Tahoe.

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    I know a girl called madison but it was spelt Maddysynne There were these twins that lived down my street called Briellea Xyliah and Euphishé Corralie (both girls)

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    There is a boys name Sh*thead pronounced Shah-heed and a girl's name which sounds like Asthma. These do not travel well.

  • By far the weirdest names I have heard are Blerta and Deepti lol so funny

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    My friend Esgee. She is sooo sweet but has an unusual name for sure.

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    Phoenix, my ex-boyfriend's name.

    I don't know this girl but she was at a birthday party at my job and her name was Callathea.

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    My friend Soirsce (pronounced Seer-sha) =]

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