what to do in yellow stone national park?

I want to go to visit Yellow stone national park with my friends. I am going to travel from New York. What airport should I fly into? How to get around inside Yellow stone park? I plan 4 day stay there.

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    9 years ago
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    There are tons of interesting things to see in the park.

    Here is a trip planner


    Be sure to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It's really impressive.


    The Norris Geyser Basin in the north west section of the park has the most spectacular geysers.



    You'll need to rent a car to get around. The park is enormous.

    Stay in West Yellowstone, MT. It's at the western entrance to the park and close to the most visited attractions, like the geyser fields. There are dozens of motels right at the entrance.


    The West Yellowstone Airport (WYS) is only two miles from West Yellowstone, with daily flights coming in during summer months. It’s closed in winter due to snow

    Nearby Airports

    There are a handful of airports in nearby communities. Check all of your options before booking your flight.

    •Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA): Located 2 hours southwest of West Yellowstone. This is a small regional airport that provides frequent service to cities Salt Lake City, Seattle, Denver, Boise, and Las Vegas on the following airlines: Skywest/Delta; Horizon/Alaska; Allegiant; United.

    •Jackson Hole Airport (JAC): 3.5 hours south and east of West Yellowstone, this small airport is located at the base of the Grand Tetons and offers frequent regional and national flights on the following airlines: American; Delta; Northwest; Skywest; United; United Express.

    •Bozeman Airport - Gallatin Field (BZN): 2 hours north of West Yellowstone, the Gallatin Field Airport offers frequent flights to Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, and other national destinations on the following airlines: Delta; United; Frontier; Horizon; Allegiant.

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    visit old faithful (geyser), it's really about the only cool thing in the whole park in my opinion aside from some other medium high geysers. Rent a car & drive from new york, you'll have more fun on the trip than in the park anyway.

    -that's right give me a thumbs down for an opinion.

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    the classic severe temperature in July is around seventy 9 stages. So except you have an exceedingly astonishing day it does not get boiling warm or something. i will remember seeing some pregnant women human beings strolling around while i replaced into final there. there is plenty to be certain in Yellowstone without needing to exert your self to lots, so i might propose heading that way. don't be afraid to take a seat down and relax if mandatory although!

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