Americans: who are two famous celebrities from your home state?

I'm looking for singers, actors/actresses, directors, TV personalities, professional athletes, business people, inventors, artists, chefs or authors---living or deceased. Basically people that everyone would know even if they're not from the States. I'd like the celebrity to be born and raised there. I'm using the information to put together a portion of a trivia night. I don't want to include politicians because then people might start talking about them. Please be sure to include your home state and the names of the celebrities in your answer. If you want to list more than two, that's fine. Thank you in advance.

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    Ohio: Marilyn Manson-musician

    Sarah Jessica Parker-actress

    Jeffrey Dahmer-serial killer

    Halle Berry-actress

    Rascal Flatts-country band

    John Holmes-porn star

    Steven Speilberg-film director

    Thomas Edison-inventor

    Bow Wow-rapper

    Phyllis Diller-actress

    Rob Lowe-actor

    Molly Shannon-actress

    Martin Sheen-actor

  • From Massachussetts:

    Steve Carell (and prettymuch everyone else from the office)

    Dane Cook

    Jay Leno

    Conan O'Brien

    Amy Poehler

    the guy who created the simpsons

    Ben Afflack

    Casey afflack

    Matt Damon


    Mattew Perry

    Kurt Russel

    Mark Whalberg

    Donnie Whalberg

    Emily Dickinson

    Dr. Suess

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Edgar Alan Poe


    All that Remains


    Boys Like Girls

    New Kids on the Block


    Alexander Grahm Bell

    Barbara Walters

    I realize that was a lot but now you have more to choose from. There were a ton more but i only used ones that i've heard of.

    Source(s): I looked it up on Wikipedia.
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    Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Smith, Jason Alexander, Jason Biggs, Bon Jovi, Zach Braff, Danny DeVito, Jonas Brothers, Shaq, Frank Sinatra, John Travolta. New Jersey represent!

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    Drew Carey

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    John Glenn

    Ed O'Neill

    LeBron James

    Katie Holmes

    Nick Lachey

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    Houston, Texas here

    Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top - Born and lives in Houston

    Dusty Hill - ZZ Top - Born in Dallas, Texas Lives in Houston, Texas

    Frank Beard - ZZ Top - Born in Frankston, Lives in Houston, Texas

    Matthew McConaughey - Born in Uvalde, Texas

    Buddy Holly - Born in Lubbock, Texas

    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Born in Dallas, Texas

    Eric Johnson - Born in Austin, Texas

    Blind Lemon Jefferson - Coutchman, Texas

    Gary Busey - Goose Creek (now Baytown), Texas

    Tommy Lee Jones - San Saba, Texas

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    Brandon Flowers, Ronnie Vanucci (and possibly the rest of the band The Killers)

    And I know Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kelly was born in Vegas.

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    I'm from Delaware. Therefore, there are hardly and famous people from here, but there are some.

    Bob Marley's mom (Cedella Booker)

    Joe Biden

    Dr. Oz from Oprah went to school in DE

    Christine O'Donnell

    Aubrey Plaza (from SNL, Parks and Recreation, Scott Pilgrim, Funny People, etc. She went to my old school)

    Teri Polo (From the 'Meet the Fockers' movies)

    Elisabeth Shue

    Johnny Weir

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    I was born in DC. I'd say Duke Ellington and Marvin Gaye. Others, Pat Buchanan, J Edgar Hoover, and Henry Rollins.

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    I live in Tennessee.

    Johnny Knoxville (actor) born in Knoxville, TN.

    Megan Fox (actress) born in Oak Ridge, TN.

    Justin Timberlake (singer/actor) born in Memphis,TN.

    Kathy Bates (actress) born in Memphis, TN.

    Quentin Tarantino (director) born in Knoxville, TN.

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    Lucille Ball and Jimmy Fallon were/are from New York. But there's a ton because so many come from the city.

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