Why has so much attention given to finding Phylicia Barnes from Baltimore, MD?

This is a 16 year old girl from NC who was visiting her half-sister in Baltimore in Dec of 2010. She has been missing since around Christmas time. Why has so much attention been given to this case? I have seen countless "missing" flyers posted all around the city and not heard of any of these people on the news that the police department and FBI (mostly just family going door to door of people on fliers) were looking for her. Is she related to someone "famous" or something?

Recent news report: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2011/04/07/police-to...

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    9 years ago
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    The Phylicia Barnes case is one of the largest missing person cases Baltimore has seen in a long time. She was visiting from North Carolina, and she disappeared without a trace. Police have gotten 200+ leads that have all turned up empty. You seem pretty familiar with the case so I won't go into too much detail. There are so many missing flyers posted all around the city because you wouldn't believe how many people there are who still don't know who Phylicia Barnes is, or that she is still missing, which after more than 3 months, I think is quite pathetic. She is a beautiful, young girl with a promising future, and at this point, everyone just wants her home. The media really isn't doing too much to keep her face out there and the family must do everything they can to keep this search alive. It is a good think that so much attention is giving to her because it is rare for a missing black girl (not that it may be a race thing, but it very well could be) to receive so much attention.

    And as far the police department and the FBI doing searches.. They cannot tell us everything they know. They can't publicly broadcast that they will be doing a search or the details of it because that would give whoever is holding this angel against her will a chance to move her. The police know exactly what they are doing. From the link in your post, you know about the massive search that is taking place this weekend, but the area is undisclosed so no one still knows exactly where they will be searching. There will also be a search going on at the Reisterstown Square Apartments at the same time, where volunteers will be needed. Come out and show some support! =)

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    Phylicia isn't related to anyone famous and unfortunately that's how us in society rank the importance of pressing issues sometimes. She is someones daughter, someones student, someones classmate, someones neighbor, someones cousin, someones sister, someones friend, someones teammate etc. She is a student with big dreams who still deserves a shot at all of them. She's getting attention simply because she is missing and at the end of the day when the cameras go off and the papers and websites stop writing; her family and friends are still aching for her to return home. Bottom line, the attention is there for Phylicia because it NEEDS TO BE. Her and ALL OTHER CHILDREN who have gone missing at that.

    Just think, what if it was you missing? Or someone in your family? Wouldn't it be important to keep your face or their face in the public eye?

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    I can't say anything else that the other posters haven't already stated. This beautiful, young lady deserves to be brought home to her family, God willing whatever way that may be. Thank God people are out there that care, and that the BPD and FBI are working the case as hard as they are.

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    What a ridiculous question!

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