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How much would a trip to the Bahamas cost?

My friend is going to the Bahamas next summer and she wants to bring me along! She said the plane tickets would cost around $800. It's a lot, but I am planning to save up all this year and until summer of next year! If we were to stay in the Bahamas like, one week, how much money would you think I would need to bring? thanks for any answers!

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    1.) If you're splitting the cost of a hotel room with your friend on a 50/50 basis, YOUR cost depends on how pricey of a room you want to get. At bare minimum, you'll need $60--$75 per day... that's splitting a $100 / night hotel room (plus tax).

    2.) You should budget another $100 / day for food / drinks, souvenir shopping, taxi / bus service, and all the other stuff (eg, snorkeling? golf?) you'll want to do.

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