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why is Black Culture so violent?

as a sociology major i am interested in learning my most majority black neighborhoods are war zones and why blacks make up the vast majority of the crime

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    I don't believe it is the black culture which is violent, but ghetto culture.

    Due to such a large number of people in a small area, there won't be enough jobs for that many people, this then leads to a lack of people sending their children to school (lack of money, needing teens to work menial tasks to provide food).

    The lack of people at school then leads to large amounts of teenagers being bored during the day, hanging out with friends and influences from media led to formation of gangs (at the beginning) which in turn leads to younger siblings or neighbours being influenced by so called "role models" in gangs to be grown up into that culture.

    The majority of ghetto residents might be black in the case you are looking at, but more importantly they are poor. Brazil's ghetto have Asian and Latino gangs. America has Black and Hispanic gangs largely. This then leads to stereotypes about black culture.

    This is probably not all true as I don't really know, but I think some of the points are valid.

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    You know why you're questioning yourself because your putting way too much thought into it as skin color. Notice how you said : "People can be into any scen and you get idiot white kids tryign the gangster culture and black guys into metal." You're considering it a skin color controversy.When it's mostly a persons individuality. Stereotypically, Have you notice that the percentage of youths suicides,cutters are white. Have you notice that the percentage of gang members are black and Hispanic. Black,White,Hispanic,Asian etc.. It doesn't always has to do with ethnicity. And since when is there a such thing as 'white music'. There is really isn't a such thing as a caring loving hippy festival. BUT there is a such thing as crazy wild mosh pits and the percentage of people that go are either white. I feel as sorry,as your mind is set to stereotype.You feel that every black person is either a 'thug some violent person' and that's not the way one should think,be more open minded and exclude yourself from stereotypes. I'm Hispanic myself and to your surprise I enjoy Trance,Classical and 80's music. The reason why you're saying this is obviously because you've experienced bad things with certain black people,not every is the same.

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    This student was asking a question from the point of sociology, not lack of exposure black people in general. While poverty does create a culture of more poverty and ignorance that fact remains that this student is asking a valid question as to why predominantly black neighborhoods are war zones and blacks are prosecuted for more crime. This question is valid, and rather than insult him, I would like to hear an intelligent response.

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    Black culture isn't violent in general,I'm black and my black family & friends aren't violent in any way.Your statement is partially true but mainly stereotypical.Its true that there are generally higher rates of crimes in black neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods but that can be due to the fact that the majority of African American neighborhoods are in Urban areas.For example South Central L.A was once a heavily crime ridden neighborhood mostly African American populated due to the fact that when there was the Great Migration in the 1920's when black people flooded into many cities across the U.S to escape the way they were being harshly treated in the South,When they arrived to industrial cities such as Los Angeles,Pittsburg,Cleveland,Detroit,Philadelphia,Chicago,Newark etc. they were able to get jobs initially but then white people didn't like living in close proximity to black people so the White Flight happened leaving a lot of inner cities across America with high black populations.In most cases black people weren't allowed to live in in white neighborhoods,then the industries began to close in the 1950's & 1960's which left black inner city neighborhoods with high unemployment.Then in the 1970's crack cocaine was introduced to the streets of America which resulted in a crack epidemic all over America,crippling black neighborhoods also gangs such as the bloods and crips formed in Los Angeles,Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords in Chicago started to spread to black neighborhoods because there was high unemployment amongst young black men and they hadn't much hope in life and the odds of getting into college and being treated equally were against them.The schools in black neighborhoods weren't as up to date as the schools in white suburbs because there was still racism happening.Black people couldn't get into good schools because they were generally in white neighborhoods.By the 80's & 90's all these factors had caused black neighborhoods to be littered with violence,which brings me to the conclusion that racism in the past and the mistreatment of black people in the past has led to higher rates of violence in black neighborhoods because a lot of black people forefathers weren't given a chance.I also blame the way hip-hop and rap music has gotten so popular amongst young people and a lot of the material in the songs encourage violence,Not all rap music encourages violence,some encourages prosperity,but young people glorify and want to be what they hear in this music.But nowadays things have changed and a lot of what has happened in black neighborhoods in the recent past has left stigmas and stereotypes which don't apply to the majority of black neighborhoods.

    Just don't start thinking that black culture is "so violent" because it isn't really.

    anyway good luck with your Sociology Major and your studies.


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    And mostly Black Americans made the laws that created the instutionalized racism that is prevalent there, right? They initiated the genocide against the Native Americans too?

    Source(s): Look in the mirror sometime.
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    they are almost born into a crime neighborhood, and so they almost fall into it. but it isnt black culture, its ghetto culture, duh. you obviously havent met many blacks...

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