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本著提供消費者「高貴享受,低價消費」的服務主旨,金鑛咖啡引領南台灣咖啡市場,已正式邁入第8個年頭,堅持以 『便利、新鮮、健康』 的經營理念,而成為名符其實的「高雄之光」,在廣受顧客的肯定與支持下,於2006年11月金礦咖啡進駐大台北地區成立2家門市,座落於大台北信義區與站前熱鬧精華地段,型成一個融合時尚與人文的新空間,為北台灣的咖啡餐飲樹立出新模式。


金鑛咖啡英文名: CROWN & FANCY

Update 2:

請不要給我翻譯軟體直譯的文字唷! 謝謝。

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    Gold Coffee was founded in 2000, when the city's coffee market is still in the high-price, and low-cost polarized phase, gold price of coffee has decided to cut into the middle, and the main take-away market, taste and convenience win, in the management team efforts, funding more than a thousand million, a reversal of the market taken by the majority of franchise business model to pattern its stores to run a responsible, because only a serious effort to only Direct operation, will provide the best quality products, the best service to customers, which was founded twenty-four hour coffee shop chain Direct, all in prime locations in Kaohsiung City, the famous popular shopping district, there must be gold coffee stand in the street.

    Provide consumers with the spirit of the "noble enjoyment, low-cost consumer" service theme, gold coffee guide coffee market in southern Taiwan, has officially entered the first eight years, adhere to the 『convenient, fresh, healthy』 business philosophy, and to become truly "the light of Kaohsiung" in the popular recognition and support of customers, in November 2006 gold coffee stationed in Taipei set up two stores, located in the Xinyi District, Taipei essence of the lot with the station busy , type into a new fusion of fashion and the human space, catering for the northern Taiwan set up a new mode of coffee.

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    In provides consumer "noble enjoy, low price consumption" of service thrust, gold coffee leads South Taiwan coffee market, has official entered 8th a years, adhere to to "facilitate, and fresh, and health" of operating concept, and became worthy of "Kaohsiung of light", in wide by customer of certainly and support Xia, Yu November 2006 Gold coffee stationed in large Taipei established 2 home town, is located Yu large Taipei Xinyi District and station Qian lively essence lots, type into a fusion fashion and Humanities of new space, for north Taiwan of coffee catering set out new mode.

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