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  • 9 years ago
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    To study the principle of a time bomb, attempting to DIY a earthen time bomb, realize the process of chemical changes in potassium nitrate powder, sulfur powder and toner from the research. To manufacture a time bomb simply, using some items in life, such as flashlight handle, alarm clock and enameled wire.

    Making use of some simple tools to make a earthen time bomb, it can be easy for no matter an adult or child to understand the reaction of chemical changes in an explosion. To control the range of explosion by the amount of gunpowder and manage the explosion time by an alarm clock. It is the best choice for us to murder people in a home travelling!

    Gunpowder, also called black powder, which is mixed by three kinds of powder, potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal. This mixture burns quite easily and severely. The reason is the potassium nitrate is kind of an oxidant, it releases oxygen when heating. Sulfur and carbon are common reducers which can be reduced easily. To mix and burn them, redox reaction will then carry out rapidly, it also releases a large amount of heat and generates much gas. If the mixture is wrapped in paper, cloth or filled in pots, or in stone holes, explosion can happen as the volume increases thousands times suddenly when burning. This is the principle of a gunpowder explosion.

    Source(s): 堅持,手動翻譯。
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  • 9 years ago

    Principles of research time bomb, making dynamic hands-on DIY homemade time bomb, from research about potassium nitrate powder and chemical change of process of sulfur and carbon powders, used goods such as aluminum flashlight handle in the live, alarm clock, enameled wire, simple make a ticking time bomb.

    · With simple tools, manufacturing-unearthed time bombs, both adults and children can easily process the bomb, in the explosion in the understanding of chemical reaction, to explosive gunpowder control range, explosion time to alarm clock control, it is murder SB. to prevent divulgence of one ' s secrets home travel best choice!!!

    · Gunpowder, also called black powder, it is of three kinds of potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal powder mixture. The mixture easily burn, burn quite violent. This is because is the oxidizer potassium nitrate, release oxygen when heated. Sulfur and carbon can be easily oxidized, is a common reducing agents. Their combustion, redox reaction rapidly, run off high fever reaction and generate large amounts of gas. If the mixture is wrapped in paper, cloth, leather or filled in jars, stone in the hole, when burned because of the sudden expansion of volume, increased to thousands of times, it will explode. This is the principle of burning gunpowder explosion.

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