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what does this latin phrase say...?

fit numerus collectus asses assis ases CLIIII: hoc haec quater 'ducta secundum litteras IIII nominis Neronis' om. facit faciunt assis om. DCXVI quod qui est nomen Antichristi antichristus: in ex his haec supersunt: fit numerus collectus ases centum liiii hoc qu deficit extrema pars versus nomen antichristi.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That is dog Latin - not sure where you got it, but it looks like someone used an online translator. Note the three words asses - assis - ases in the first line? They are all different forms of the same word (as, a coin or weight). The second sentence has hoc & haec, again the same word (hic haec hoc). The third sentence has quod & qui (qui quae quod). Not sure what om. is supposed to be.

    Something along these lines (VERY roughly):

    The number of coins collected will be 154: this having been drawn again and again following the four letters of Nero's name. He made 616 coins (they forgot the L if they were going for 666) because what is the antichrist name of the Antichrist: in out of these they are above: the number coins collected will be 154 this last part fails against the name of the antichrist.

    It does not make much sense, but the Latin is so bad that is all I can get out of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    is made the number of asses to penny was gathered ases 154: four times this is what the 'leadership according to the letter of the name Nero 's 4 'Cf. penny makes all they do. 616 that He who is the name of the Antichrist, the antichrist is: in the out of these these things remain: the number of gathered is made a hundred and LIII ases which falls short of this towards the end of the the name of the Antichrist.

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