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A 'friendly' ghost in my mums house, which im moving into very soon!?


Recently my mum told me that she has a 'friendly' ghost in her house, she is convinced it is the previous owner who died. The previous owner was a painter and decorator.. my mum is currently decoratiing and she says that she has seen paint pot lids move, and things fall off shelveds which cannot just simply fall off, they would need a great amount of force! also banging noises etc.. Her boyfreind and my brother have all witnessed these things, however i have not.

I use to live there a couple of years ago.. but due to my parents getting a divorce me and my twin brother went with my dad and my mum stayed there. Me and my twin hated that house when we use to live there.. there always seemed to be a negative and bad atmosphere there. But now the house seems to be very calm, and enjoy going round.. were as before i hated it because it always seemed negative there.

Anyways, i am going to be moving back in, in a couple of months.. but im actually scared, because of this 'friendly' ghost.. things like that don't normally scare me, but for some reason i am. I do believe in ghosts, paranormal etc, but only when i see it, that i believe it.

When i use to live in the house, i only ever witnessed one strange thing, and it give me shivers writing it.. one very late night it was pitch black and i was lieing in bed, i couldn't sleep. My brother, and my parents were all alseep in there rooms. I heard this russtleing noise outisde my door, i thought it was my dog because it sounded like a dog sniffing.. so i went and checked it out.. i opended my door and there was nothing there. NOTHING. and i know for a fact and i stick by the story today there was something there. I asked my dad were the dog was, and the dog was in my parents room fast asleep, my dog had not moved atall..

So im asking for advice really what can i do.. i recently bought some rosary beads with a cross on from ebay LOL so i can hang them on my door, i just want to protect my self really, any tips?


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    ghosts i do beleive in so here i am yet again answering another question ha! let me tell you i have experienced the friendly and the deadly type, i come from guatemala which is full of folktown stories of ghosts and spirits, (im hispanic) when i was little my great grandma who died last january had a daedly ghost who hated me and my brother, the way we knew was because i remember going out to the back yard and meeting a cute girl who always had my toys, when she invited me to play i would sit, and the next morning id be dirty with dirt and very cold, and also sleeping outside! usually my great grandma would always look the door, i was aoubt 6 or 7. also when my great grandma died we use to have a lemon tree that never got taller then 6 feet, which is bad, but it dropped lemons, and when my g-ma passed the tree also died, which was the spirit of the girl. to this day i have no idea who it was. the friendly ghost was in my grandmas house, and on my moms side, my grandma would alwasy hear sounds and guys talking and when the door would slam open she would always yell out "come in come in you are welcome here" this spirit saved me from getting stabbed during a robbery when i was 12 i came from school and my parnets and grandma wasnt there and it was me my little bro ther 11 and my little sis 10 we heard a "hey hey" from a guy so we though oh its the friendly ghost and when we followed the voice it lead us to a room, which we stayed in for a while, when we came back out there was a cop and my great grandma who said she was trying to yell out to us that there was a guy who was following us and was carrying a knife, and as she was old she couldnt run after us and help us so this ghost helped us hide!

    my point is welcome it or atleast say hi im back and greet it because appearantly ghosts hate when they are feared, they just want to be part of something, and not being scared is the best way, trust me, try to talk to it and not be scared whats the worst they can do to you? they are only spirits, they have no special powers dont worry, and God bless you!

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    It is likely that the negativity you felt in your home previously was more to do with your parents' marital problems than spirits. If the house is calm and positive now it is again more likely to do with the emotional atmosphere than the spirit.

    Even if it frightened you a little the spirit never harmed you or anyone else in the house or you would have mentioned it. I am sure your mother would not be comfortable with the spirit or with the idea of you moving in if she thought the spirit would harm you in any way.

    The best thing you can do is greet the spirit when you move in, say that you are back to stay and that you were frightened before and ask it not to frighten you again. If the spirit is as friendly as your mother feels it is that really should be enough but by all means hang the rosary on your door it certainly won't do any harm.

    Many people co-exist with spirits with no problems. In my father's house, where I lived for about 17 years before I moved out and got married, there is a mischievous spirit that likes to hide things. We usually get them back a little while later and find them in unusual places but it does no harm and the atmosphere in the house is very positive and happy. When things are moved about is usually the spirit trying to get some attention. Say hi and be friendly and I am sure you will have no troubles.

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    A Friendly Ghost

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    Listen honey, the ghosts sound nice and friendly and are not in anyway destructive, therefore there is nothing to be scared of (unless you killed them when they were alive). You know what ghosts do so try not to be frightened by them, and just treat them like one of the family, I am sure you wouldn't go around checking your door, if your brother or mother were in the house, moving around, so consider them a part of the household and leave em alone, they will try to attract attention, but don't give it too much thought. As for keeping a cross on you, sure, if it make you any more comfortable!

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    Don't play with ghosts. Do not interact with ghosts, show no fear, If the ghost scares you tell them they are dead to go to the light, tell the ghost to go to the light, this is your house, Pray all trough the house if you have too the ghost will go away or be quiet from then on. Ghosts are vary vary rare get a ghost Whisperer to help or to see what the ghost is trying to tell people a ghost usally has a reason for not passing over Some ghost are not to play with and not nice people would not believe what a angry ghost is able to do cause accidents ect. Yell prayers, ect all though the house keep telling the ghost to go to the light and all spirts to be quiet or go and it will all go away never to be heard again. anyone im mn need a ghost sent over contact me i will do it free i will send the ghost away for you.

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    Hate to say it but ghosts are people too. What you bring in to this may be what you get out. It doesn't have to be what you personally brought into it the last time -- someone didn't get along with them. Try to start things new and hope for the best.

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    Ghosts aren't real just think that because otherwise it will be like the show ghost adventures

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    The first thing that you must accept is that there is no such thing as a friendly ghost period.........

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    command the evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus Christ

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