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A 'friendly' ghost in my mums house, which im moving into very soon!?


Recently my mum told me that she has a 'friendly' ghost in her house, she is convinced it is the previous owner who died. The previous owner was a painter and decorator.. my mum is currently decoratiing and she says that she has seen paint pot lids move, and things fall off shelveds which cannot just simply fall off, they would need a great amount of force! also banging noises etc.. Her boyfreind and my brother have all witnessed these things, however i have not.

I use to live there a couple of years ago.. but due to my parents getting a divorce me and my twin brother went with my dad and my mum stayed there. Me and my twin hated that house when we use to live there.. there always seemed to be a negative and bad atmosphere there. But now the house seems to be very calm, and enjoy going round.. were as before i hated it because it always seemed negative there.

Anyways, i am going to be moving back in, in a couple of months.. but im actually scared, because of this 'friendly' ghost.. things like that don't normally scare me, but for some reason i am. I do believe in ghosts, paranormal etc, but only when i see it, that i believe it.

When i use to live in the house, i only ever witnessed one strange thing, and it give me shivers writing it.. one very late night it was pitch black and i was lieing in bed, i couldn't sleep. My brother, and my parents were all alseep in there rooms. I heard this russtleing noise outisde my door, i thought it was my dog because it sounded like a dog sniffing.. so i went and checked it out.. i opended my door and there was nothing there. NOTHING. and i know for a fact and i stick by the story today there was something there. I asked my dad were the dog was, and the dog was in my parents room fast asleep, my dog had not moved atall..

So im asking for advice really what can i do.. i recently bought some rosary beads with a cross on from ebay LOL so i can hang them on my door, i just want to protect my self really, any tips?


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    There is no such thing as a friendly ghost without a hidden agenda. Those are demons, that are pretending to be the dead. We all know that a frog placed in hot water will hop out right away. A frog that is placed is cold water, and the heat is slowly but gradually turned up, will not hop out. It will succumb to the heat. Satan knows that if he comes on to strong at first, we will get away. He wants to place us under his bondage, and never release us. I have a friend that had a black mass attack her a couple of months ago. It was crushing her and choking her, until she couldn't breath. She could barely get the name of Jesus out. There is power in the name of Jesus, and the demon fled. She moved out of that room in the morning, even though she had just moved in there the day before. The Bible doesn't say that when you die, you go straight to Heaven or Hell. Ecclesiastes 9:5,6,10. says that when you die, your thoughts, memories, and emotions die, and are buried with your body. You can pray and ask Jesus to place his angels around and in the house to protect you and your mother. Ask Jesus to cast the demons off of the property. A radio turned low to Christian music, in one of the rooms will drive them away. Satan hates Jesus the Son of God, and is jealous when He receives praise, glory, and honor Isaiah 14:12-17. Next look around the house and make sure there are no invitations in there for the demons to return. Don't listen to dark music, play dark games, have dark videos, dark posters, have dark books about wizards, vampires, witchcraft, etc. There is a prayer that God loves to answer, over in Psalms 51. It is a very cleansing prayer that keeps you right with God. You can pray it daily. God promises to never leave you or forsake you. The Bible is His Word to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life, and to fill you with the love of God. God is your only source of protection. Ask God to help you find anything in that house that needs to be removed, so your house will be clean, and safe to live in.

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    that's probably that the negativity you felt on your place before became greater to do with your parents' marital issues than spirits. If the home is calm and effective now that's lower back greater probably to do with the emotional atmosphere than the spirit. whether it apprehensive you slightly the spirit by no potential harmed you or every person else in the residing house or you will have stated it. i'm specific your mom does not be mushy with the spirit or with the belief of you shifting in if she theory the spirit would harm you in any way. the terrific factor you're able to do is greet the spirit once you progression in, say which you're lower back to stay and which you have been apprehensive earlier and ask it to no longer frighten you lower back. If the spirit is as friendly as your mom feels that's that rather could be adequate yet by potential of all potential carry the rosary on your door it easily won't do any harm. many human beings co-exist with spirits without issues. In my father's residing house, the place I lived for about 17 years earlier I moved out and have been given married, there's a mischievous spirit that likes to cover issues. We oftentimes get them lower back a jiffy later and discover them in unusual places whether it does no harm and the ambience in the home is extremely effective and chuffed. while issues are moved approximately is oftentimes the spirit attempting to get some interest. Say hi and be friendly and that i'm specific you will haven't any issues.

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    Your choices are many. You could greet the ghost and let it know you are not afraid. Ask it to leave, or at least not be around when you are. You could smudge the rooms to rid them of negative energy. Usually these energies are just stuck, or may have unfinished work. Usually they mean no harm - your proof is in your story. The ghost came to the door, but did not go past it. You probably scared them as much as they scare you. Don't be afraid. Do be aware. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    If casper really is in the house and you have to move in.

    Your cheapest way is jesus, but you gotta be sincere otherwise it will only piss him off

    Else you can try the usual exorcism, psychics with more or less success, and risks of being the next emily rose. Good side is they might make a film about you.

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  • Give it some wine.

    Ignore the people that say they are demons. Thats just their excuse trying to attempt and fit with how the bible says people instantly leave earth after they die.

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    They are demons, not ghosts. You need to become a Christian so you will have a direct relationship with God. You cannot get rid of them yourself, You have no authority or power over them. Even the archangel Michael had to call for reinforcements. Receive Jesus as your Savior. Repent of your sins, ask God to forgive you in Jesus name, and serve God with the rest of your life. Then you can pray for help from God.

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    If it is a nice ghost, you don't have to worry, they say that white flowers in the house keep only good spirits.

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