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How to appeal to the FDA to legalize a drug?

How can I make an appeal to the FDA to legalize the drug Domperidone? It is banned due to the fact that many use it for lactation, and it's harmful to babies. But they do allow you to receive it, after a grueling application process, for dysmotility. And I would like to appeal to them to legalize it with: only for treatment of dysmotility. How can I contact them and make that appeal?

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    get the drug maker to apply to the FDA for use for diabetic stomach damage called gastroparesis. i use it for that and buy it in Greece. it is marvelous. i got badly damaged from reglan which is available in the USA. domperidone is a godsend with no side effects.

    then when the fda approves it, for one medical problems, it can be used ''off label'' for other medical problems...

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    It takes forever if it's not profitable to the drug company.

    Otherwise, they can expedite anything!

    I believe the FDA offices are located in Washington DC.

    You should contact them for more info.

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