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How come on Yahoo it says you don't want to offend Jake Gyllenhaal?

I was reading the article on Yahoo regarding the Hangover II trailer and in one part it says you don't want to offend Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm just wondering if a previous event happened in which he was offended and did something about it? He's not even in the Hangover so I'm just curious.

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    Probably because of this: (I don't know how he reacted, or if he reacted, but this is all I could find in recent entertainment news)

    Jake Gyllenhaal was the brunt of a gay-themed joke at the beginning of Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. As co-hosts Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire delivered their opening monologue, the night’s big honoree Taylor Swift came up.

    “Don’t make jokes about Taylor Swift,” McEntire warned. “If you make her mad, she’ll write a song about you. She writes songs about guys who break up with her.”

    (It’s true. Swift, 21, has reportedly penned ditties about Joe Jonas, John Mayer and others.)

    “Which I don’t understand in the first place. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s sweet. What in the world was Jake Gyllenhaal thinking anyway?”

    Shelton’s retort: “Wait a minute, he was in Brokeback Mountain.” The country-music crowd laughed and cheered wildly at the joke, a reference to Gyllenhaal’s Oscar-nominated performance as a gay cowboy opposite Heath Ledger. (Gyllenhaal, 30, and Swift broke up over New Year’s after a whirlwind couple months together.)

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    LOL This is funny. I was wondering the same thing and also googled, "jake Gyllenhaal offended". Dont know why I care but Im just curious and have nothing to do...

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    I googled "Jake Gyllenhaal offended" and it brought me to this question. I was reading the same thing.

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    I don't really know... But I think since Warner Bros. instructed to remove THE HANGOVER 2 from any other placement (SPECIFICALLY "THE SOURCE CODE" in which Jake is in)... I think it has to do with Source Code... I don't know really... I was hoping to get an answer to this question, too..

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    haha i guess i'm not the only one who wonders.

    My take is that they're just trying to be funny. Jake seems like one of those guys

    you can grab beer and crack joke with.

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    im wondering the same thing. perhaps it was a completely ironic allusion to the fact that he offended those vets back in 2006 with that masturbation quip?

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