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what should i do? long story,,, heres the shortest version?

ok well i'm 16< turning 17 April 15, live in NY.

my father was killed when i was 3 in Brooklyn, and when i 14 about 2 years ago, my mother had a stroke, she was hospitalized and went into a coma. i moved in with my older brother, he is now 34 and is married with two kids.my mother eventually got out of the coma and went to out home country, Colombia, to be with out family.i was left here with my brother.

the problem is my brother is known to have anger problems , and when he gets upset he tends to use , hmm, unnecessary language and now i just cant take it anymore.

my mother receives social security payments because of my father, about 400 $ a month, i have been getting that money, as a allowance, recently the account in which the money comes in was frozen and ic couldn't get the money out, i told my brother 3 times, the each time he said to me that i had to figure it out on my own. my sister in law tried to help by in tenting to wire the money to an other account, at first it appeared to work, so i received the money from them, but the next day my sister in law noticed that it didn't go though and my brother immediately took the money from me, i asked him once more what i was supposed to do for money and he simply said "i don't know" btw he isn't poor anything, he owns about 4 homes and has money, drives a bmw etc.

so i was left with no money, i hadn't had money for about 3 weeks and was only getting by

ebt card (food stamps) which the gov. also gives my mother. i was using the card for my lunch,, yes i would go to a food market and by a drink and ships everyday for my lunch, because i didn't have any money

i decided to sell the gold chain my father left me, btw, my brother and i have different fathers, i hurt a lot to sell the only thing i had from my father but i needed the money. when my brother got home and found out i sold the chain he gotextremmlyy mad and started to call me anidiott, that i was stupid, curing at me, saying a lot ofhurt fulll stuff, heeventuallyy said that if i needed money( which was stupidbecausee i obviously do) that i should have just asked him ( which i did 4 times) ididn'tt say anythingbecausee it would just make it worse.

the next week, out of the blue my brother decided to take away mybett card from mebecausee my sister in law wanted to go shopping. i told him that it was the only means of eating, he said too bad that it was for the family. heforcedd me to give it to him.... i cried on my walk to school, icouldn'tt believe that my family would do that to me. the next day, i guess he felt bad or something, he decided to give it back,, as i was leaving for school he call me, i go to his room and he tell me to take the card back,,,, he just said you can have the card back,, hecouldn'tt even say sorry or anything,.. i said no, that h e could have it that ill figure out what to do.

he brother turned into the hulk! he jump out of bed, began yelling at me , cursing at me, calling me a proud sob that i was only creatingproblemm for my self etc, then he kicked me out. honestly i was so relieved when he kicked me out.

as soon as he said that i went ot my room and packed some of my cloths and left, i am now at my mother home. i have no money nor food. ive been eating cereal and canned food from 4 years ago..

my brother is not my legal Gardienn

i am doing well in school, have about a 3.6 gpa( not that my brother cares)

ive been depresslatelytly, ive hsuicidaldal thoughts. i've stoped talking to all my friends.

what should i do and what can i do????????

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    Do you plan on going to college? If so, start getting smart for a scholarship to a college.

    For now, try to get a job after school, maybe at a Walmart and save as much money as possible

    Constantly(as courageous as you can be) call your brother's house asking for money or at least his wife for money because clearly, you and your mother need more food instead of cereal from 4 years ago. No matter WHAT HAPPENS, do not commit suicide! I know it will be hard, but please, as much as possible, don't think about it. What do you think would happen to your mother if you did? She would be devastated and be depressed with also the urge to die. Please I beg of you, do not!

    To be less depressed, think about what a better person you are than your brother who is an @$$hole

    Anyone can curse and get angry, not everyone can care for their family though, like you and your mom

    do not give up!!!!! Things will get better :)

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    I'm sorry about what happened to your dad, i can sympathize with you there. I'd be surprised if you weren't depressed after everything you've been through.

    I'm sorry but i don't know what to say. You've been through a lot but try not to think of suicide. Other than that i can't really say anything. Your brother seems a very cruel person and i'm glad he kicked you out and your away from him. I'm sorry that i can't help you but telling you not to be depressed definitely won't work. It's likely you be the same until something changes.

    I think in the future you life may be a bit more easier if you make the right choices. Unfortunately i don't know anything that will help you besides saying that talking to a someone at school. Who ever you ask may be able to give you some advice and may help you have a more positive outlook of like. It's likely though if you don't do anything you may lead a very bad life. I hope that you don't think about suicide but that's your choice. it may not seem very positive but that's all i've got for you. Good luck and i hope a few years down the line things will be a little more cheerful for you.

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    Your brother is acting as a guardian and what he is doing is a form of neglect.

    Call the Dept of Children's Services and tell them about it. If you can't figure out who to call, dial 311 and tell them that your adult brother, who is supposed to be caring for you, is neglecting you. They will put you in touch with the right agency.

    Also, if you don't want to handle this alone, go to your school guidance counselor or a favorite teacher and ask for help.

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