United States Vs Canada?

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Explain the similarities and differences in the ways the United States and Canada each achieved independence?

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  • 9 years ago
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    America - War. Canada - Bargain.

    They both became independent of the British Empire - Canada in 1867, America in 1776.

    The United States was tired of being a British Colony so they revolted. With Canada's independence, England was getting rid of their colonies because they realized they could buy goods much cheaper from other countries (as a colony, Canada's goods had to be bought by England). When the Dominion of Canada was proposed, they agreed. Canada remained "British" to the world until 1931, with the Statute of Westminster, and remained 'The Dominion of Canada' until the 1982 Canada Act, when it became just Canada.

    Canada is still part of the Commonwealth, but the UK has little influence here, other than tradition.

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    9 years ago

    The US got independence with a revolutionary war.

    Canada is still paying yearly restitution to the British Queen.

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    9 years ago


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