What are sociological theories applicable to the 1070 Bill in Arizona?

In my sociology class I have to look at a racial issue of sorts and then analyze/critique it using 4 different sociological theories. I believe they can be psych and poli sci. ones too. So far all I have listed is Marx Theory .. Webster's Protestant Theory (predestination) but I'm not sure about their applicability. So, any suggestions? And if you can provide a brief explanation as to how they apply to my topic that would be great! Thanks You!

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    The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (Arizona Senate Bill 1070) is the broadest and most strict anti-illegal immigration measure in decades. There is considerable debate and controversy about it.

    Polling indicates the law has majority support in Arizona and nationwide; critics say it encourages racial profiling, although supporters note that the law prohibits race as the sole basis for investigating immigration status. The Bill only enforces federal laws already made; or "attrition through enforcement" doctrine..

    Sociological issues you can chose from:

    Arizona Law Enforcement

    Religious Organizations and perspectives

    Potential civil rights violations

    Prosecution of those harboring illegals


    Challenge to legality and constitutionality

    Court actions

    Department of Justice lawsuit

    Hearings and rulings

    Sociological theories you can choose from (many times the theories overlap and intersect, they are overly-complicated ways of trying to explain objects of social study):

    Key Topics: materialism; idealism; determinism; dialectism; criminology; modernity; globalization; postmodernity, etc).

    Functionalism: use this theory to focus on how elements of society need to work together to have a fully functioning whole; in this case 1. Arizona citizens need to follow the new law and not harbor aliens, 2. local police force needs to require proper identification/paperwork from suspected illegals; 3. federal law enforcement needs to take arrested individuals through proper channels of the criminal justice system (jails, state or federal institutions to house them; and the courts that prosecute them

    Structural functionalism: (social systems paradigm) : use this to address the functions of elements of the social system (political i.e. Democratic and Republican stands on this issue; legal institutions involved (United States Supreme Court made the initial laws against illegal immigration), nationwide polls, media attention, local, state and federal government; the Government of Mexico) in regard to the entire system.

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