Does Anyone Know What Happened betw. AMC's Chrishelle Stause (Amanda) and Glee Star Matt Morrison?

This goes back a few years but before Matt Morrison got his big break on Glee he used to be on Broadway and then went to daytime soaps.

He was engaged to be married to AMC star Chrishelle Stause but then it suddenly ended.

Chrishelle has tweeted a few times when Glee started saying "ewww, I won't watch Glee" and some fans still refuse to watch Glee due to what happened with this.

Does anyone know exactly what happened here?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Chrishell Publicity stated, she believe, her ex-fiance was cheating on her with some Co-Star on Glee. So they broke up and now Chrishell Stause is Single woman again, and every-man's dream. Didn't she say he wasn't ready to commit Long Term Relationship.

    Anyway, I am going go after her :P

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