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LJ asked in SportsHockey · 10 years ago

Has anyone else purchased their 2011 NHL playoff tickets yet?

So, today while at work I received a text with a promo code to get advanced tickets for the 2011 playoffs 1st round for the New York Rangers....I have no idea when game 4 will be, therefore I don't know when to notify work, but the tickets were such a great price I decided to buy. I got 2 tickets 300 section for $99.50 each.....When I've bought tickets before for the playoffs on stub hub I got 400 level for $190 each, so better seats for a better price is what I was thinking. Has anyone else done this not knowing when the game is and if the team will make the playoffs?

BQ: What are their chances of actually making it out of the first round if the Rangers actually make the playoffs?

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  • Matt
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    10 years ago
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    Yes my dad purchased ours for the Kings. Our rule is we go to the first game of the round, if we make it further than the first, and if we miraculously make it to the Stanley Cup Final, we will got to every game. Can't wait, the playoffs vs Vancouver last year were insane.

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  • Yep. My boyfriend and I are going to the first game the Caps play (which will probably be April 13 or 14, as they have clinched the Southeast Division and are currently atop the Eastern Conference). I dont think the tickets were even offered until after it was confirmed they'd made the playoffs. Last year, we got tickets to game 7 versus Montreal, and well, that's something I'd like to forget.

    BQ: I sincerely hope the Caps don't draw the Rangers in the playoffs; the Rangers have had their number this year. Granted, there will be no easy series, but this is one I DON'T want to see.

    Whenever the game is, hope you have fun.

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    I did for one of the red wings u don't know what game

    The wings are in the playoffs but I don't know what game I picked I brought them with my debt card during study hall so I hope its home I.thinly it is

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i am going to purchase mine ASAP..

    redwings please win so i can sleep soundly until playoff time.

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  • Anonymous
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