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why is my hair falling out?!?

so i was dying my hair, and i put bleach in it like usual, and today its been like falling out! why?! i thought bleach was good for your hair.. it makes it like healthy and super shiny and like strong right? please help me! this is a crisis! im gonna sue clorox.

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    Google & search for Hair Dye & Relaxers.

    Playing with chemicals is not like playing with clothes, there are penalties for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color experts at the salon are not rocket scientists, they do a bang up dye jobs to their clients or their own hair. If you soaked fabric, they get holes in them, same with hair - they dissolve.

    No. Read the warning label. Clorox are for cleaning & disinfecting TOILETS & kill germs around the house. They are not to be digested, or used to bleach HAIR. THEY ARE POISON!

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  • 3 years ago

    I'm more youthful than you and I lose hairs like that always. Your hair is made from useless cells, and the autumn out many times. Just when you consider that a few fall out everyday doesn't suggest you're going bald. So, I might say what you're going by way of is flawlessly normal.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    no bleach can be harsh on your hair. what you need to do is find you really good hair treatments and do them twice a week for 2 weeks then back down to once a week till your hair gets back fine. people can bleach their hair but it dont work the same on everybodys. yes we have these problems with some of our customers that come in. Also get you a good shampoo thats for moisture and nurishing. that will help in between treatments. i work at a beauty supply and this always fixes that problem.

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  • 9 years ago

    bleach-bad for hair

    ask lady gaga

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