Why do you think kids seem to have more health problems than 20-30 years ago?

Like allergies are just outta control, I'm only 26 but I knew of one person my whole school life that was allergic to anything and that was bees. My son is in kindergarden and out of 21 kids in his class, 3 have allergies. Hell I didn't even know what gluten was til I was 18!

So many kids have autism, ADD, ADHD and whatever else. With all our advances in medicine and science why do you think this is happening?

I think alot of women are having children who wouldn't have been able to 30 years ago thanks to invitro and other fertility treatments. Might be enviromental. Maybe we're all de-evolving from the lack of need for survival skills. Maybe we'll get stronger again as a species if we revert back to the stone age, survival of the fitest.

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    10 years ago
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    There can be little doubt that we are reaping the harvest of generations of pesticide use and food additives with our allergies, and that women habitually bearing (and maybe even men habitually begetting) babies at ever advanced ages is taking tolls we do not understand. But there is also the over use of antiseptics around the house so that we are not exposed to miniscule levels of allergens and irritants, and to the 'normal' levels of domestic flora and fauna that would permit our systems to adjust to these environmental roommates and where appropriate to develop antibodies.

    A midwifery book from a generation ago by Ina Mae Gaskin, Spiritual Midwifery, kept statistics on post-delivery infections in mothers and babies in home births, and compared to the national statistic on hospital births, the home birthed babies and moms had significantly fewer infections. It was alimited sample, of course, but indicates that just maybe the mother's immunity to domestic flora and fauna, transmitted in utero to the baby, confers resistance to the baby, that that is part of the babe's being prepared to live in its environment, every bit as much as the baby's knowledge of the voices of the mother and the people closer to her.

    There is also the issue of consumerism and professional advancement. Name a malady or participate in defining its minutiae and you get research grants and benefits from pharmaceuticals developed to combat it. And you get tenure. This is good to a point, but we may have passed that point in some ways. In addition, if there is an identified malady with an acceptable solution that has a glitch, maybe you can find a way to lessen the glitch or you can pitch the glitch and a solution, or you can come up with a gizmo to combat the glitch or bypass the old solution entirely. Also a good thing to a point, and we may have passed that in some ways.

    I grew up in a farming community. My father was a physician, and my mother a nurse. Yet I know I came in from hanging out in the barn across the road during milking time, petting the cats and cattle and climbing fences near the pigstye, and when mom handed me a cookie, I ate it without hand sanitizer and without washing my hands. I got sick from being exposed to measles and mumps and chicken pox at school, but I never got sick from eating that cookie. And there is some evidence to suggest that that normal impulsive perfectly kid-like response to the sight of a cookie may have actually strengthened my immune system. Because people or corporations can achieve a market share by encouraging a natural fear in parents over the kinds of stuff on my hands when I ate that cookie, through a product like hand sanitizer for instance, we have constricted that pathway to long term nuts and bolts health.

    Of course, I'm not saying that you should have your kid pet a pig soaking in summer mud before eating a cookie with his unwashed hands, but you get my point. This handwashing, sort of social OCD began quite reasonably during the AIDS epidemic, and never went away.

    Times change. This is the way we are now. Given the moment back when I had come from Farmer Bostic's milkhouse and was offered the cookie by my mom, I would probably still eat the cookie with unwashed hands. But maybe with a little trepedation. Not much, though.

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    Well for one, with medical advances, the reason the numbers are larger(like with autism). Doctors are able to detect the signs early. Also what the doctors thought were not signs back then, turned out to be correct. With the population being larger than before, of course your going to see larger cases of the diesease. But, there is also the problem that america has been sold that all problems can be solved with a pill. There are a great deal of kids who are given pills like ritlin for ADD and HADD who truly dont need them.

  • KB929
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    10 years ago

    I'm sure there were just as many kids with ADD 30 years ago, it's just they didn't test for and didn't do anything about treating it. This kids were just considered rowdy or whatever. Plus, with more families having both parents working, kids diets probably aren;t as good and with the advancement of computers and gaming, they don't get out and get as much exercise.

  • 10 years ago

    Our ability to test for and diagnose various diseases and disorders has increased in the past 20-30 years.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No we just have better diagnosing and reporting now.

  • Mr E
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    10 years ago


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