Black people who keep other black people down?

I know one or two black people who have a very negative effect on other black people, many of whom just want to get on and do well in life.

For example: I have a friend who has alot to say about how white people will never allow blacks to be successful, how we can't trust white people. That we should assume all white people are racist.

I noticed that after we have spent time with her, it kind of gets us down and makes us question whether we can really be successful here in the UK.

However, when I listen to positive successful black people, I never hear them speak like this. I think of Will Smith inspirational speeches on youtube:

Youtube thumbnail

He clearly doesn't waste time focusing on negative generalisations.

Of course we should never forget our history, but I believe things have progressed and in my experience I have found that people white or black will always treat me according to how I treat them. If I am confindent in my abilities, people believe in me.

It's like the saying goes: "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he"

There will always be a minority of racist narrow minded people, but I will not let them stop me from being successful.

So far I have become successful and I honestly have seen very little evidence to support what many black nationalists/supremesits would have me believe about white people.

I have even been accused of acting like a white person because I've become successful at what I do!

I think we can have the power to build each other up or promote a kind of delusional paranoia that prevents us from reaching the potential that is there for the taking.

I didn't pay any attention to generalisations, I kept focused on positive things and I achieved my dream with the support of my collueges who are white, black and asian.

I see so many black people with alot of bitterness, living in debt who have problems with drugs and crime who feel the ones responsible for their situation is the white man. Well I came from a council estate and I could have chosen the same path, but I chose different and so far, no white person has stood in my way.

What is your view point, do you think some black groups are causing more harm to the progression of our people by stirring up paranoia and hatred that is based on assumptions and generalisations rather than fact based, forward, positive thinking?


If I my black friend is right about white people, then maby I am the delusional one. But if that's the case, then it's served me very well!!

"I think that there a certain kind of delusional quality that all successful people have to have, you have to believe that something different than what has happened for the last 50 million years, of history, you have to believe that something different can happen" - quote - Will Smith

Update 2:

Yay! That sounds really cool, I'm so heartened when I hear of schools like yours and the attitude of the black people you described. Good for you, as I said, I will continue to believe things are changing for the better and thats how I see it. I have experienced racism in the past, but I realise that these people are a minority, and they are usualy insecure bitter people.

It was on youtube, whilst responding to some of the black nationalist video's on there that I tried to put across a positive point using my success, and several times I was called a 'house n****r' or 'coconut' etc!

It's funny really, i saw the funny side coz i'm the one who's happy, successful and enjoying my life, while some of the crazy folks on youtube are the most bitter and twisted lot i've come across!

Great to hear your story though, keep up the good work! x

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  • 9 years ago
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    I agree with you whole heartily! I know a few black people whom I work with who have your attitude and are quite successful in career and livelihood. I wish more people had your attitude... there would be a lot less hate and bigotry in this world.

    People who hate are always looking for more people to join their cause, they recruit the luckless, the lazy. They use people's despair and envy to promote their cause. Instead of encouraging education and perseverance, they push inequality and conspiracy.

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  • 9 years ago

    So far you present yourself well, work hard you can be successful in the UK, however you also have to understand in some scenarios in the future you may witness discrimination, I don't think its causing harm to the progression because some of it is true, however I admit sometimes those type of people are overly pessmistic, just like how that speech from Will Smith is from an optimistic point of view. you have to be realistic in this world, and the matter of fact is discrimination of all kind,age,gender,race exist to certain extents.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't really understand how Black people say that other Black people say they are acting white when they are becoming successful or are intelligent. In my family, in my neighborhood and in the high school I use to attend which was predominantly Black in Detroit, people would look down at you if wasn't trying to be successful. If you had low grades that wasn't cool. I t was cool to have good grades in your academics classes and it was cool to have honor classes and advance placement classes. Everyones' goal was to be successful. You all have weird experiences. Im 19 years old I'm in college now and it was only 4 students in my graduating year who did not graduate and way over half of us is in college.

    Source(s): This is true. I went to one of the best Schools in Detroit. It is the only school in America that has a harp and vocal group it has over 30 clubs and gives AP and Honor courses. Has the most advance teahers. Cass Technical High School! Look it up on google. I'm also a BLACK FEMALE!
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  • oleson
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    3 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    I agree.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    fo real

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