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im a 16 year old girl. and i want to join the military for nursing but i dont know what branch to join?

i love to help people and i want to do something for the people that are helping keep me safe and everyone else .


my dad also just retired from the navy as a PO1 seabee and he says navy but i want to travel and i want to join as soon as possible im excited i get to do all this to help people :) im also in high school ROTC too.

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    If you truly wish to be a nurse in the Army you have two choices. You can be a RN (Registered Nurse) or a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse a.k.a. Licensed Vocational Nurse). A RN, in the Army, must have a BSN, at a minimum. This is required prior to joining as a nurse. So you would have to go to college and obtain your Bachelors degree in nursing first, and then join the military.

    To be a LPN, in the Army, you could talk to a recruiter about the MOS (Job series) 68WM6. 68W is the initial school teaching you to be a Medic, and is taught at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. The M6 portion is a secondary school that is 52 weeks long. The M6 phase 1 is conducted at Ft Sam Houston, and the phase 2 & 3 portions are conducted at several other Army posts in the US. After successful completion of that portion you will have to obtain your LPN license by taking the NCLEX-PN test (which is required for completion of the course). This is an option if you do not wish to wait, or do not have the money for school.

    After the M6 school you could seek to continue to finish your RN degree. If you do this while active duty it takes planning and a longer than if you went to school full time. If you are in a field unit, or deploy, this could make it take even longer. However, there are accredited schools that offer LPN-BSN completion programs. Some of the required credit hours can be obtained by taking DANTES, CLEP tests & Excelsior Nursing tests.

    Also, FYI the Marines do not have medical personnel. The Navy supplies personnel to serve the medical needs of the Marines.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Retired Army Former 68WM6 AIT Instructor RN
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    if you want to be a military nurse, you need to go to school and get your nursing degree before joining. if you do that you will or could be an officer other wise if you join and then get some training, you will be a medic, that is not a nurse as you said you want to be. just some food for thought. -... ....

    Source(s): US Army MP (ret)
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    You're a nurse. You'll rarely be allowed to leave the base in any branch and if you ever do leave, it will be some big, security heavy civilian feel good operation.

    Choose the service whose uniform you think its coolest.

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    The navy. They have the best non-combat medical units.

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    You have plenty of time to decide.

    Since you will need to graduate college with your nursing degree first.

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