what should i do?should i go back to him?

M a 24yr old woman.my bf is 36yrs.i hd gne out wt hm snc 2008.dz yr in d mnth of jan,he wnt on tour.he usualy cals me weneva he’s on tour.dz time he dnt.i gt woried cz jz b4 he wnt I jz tld hm dt v shd tke a break.wel,I dnt actually mean it.wn he came bac,he tld me dt he cdnt find a phne n d plc whr he ws stayin cz it ws like a rural area.i belivd hm.4rm dt day onwards he startd actin very weird.he wd usualy cal me lke5 times a day.i gt suspicius as alwys &began sendin hm msgs acusing hm of cheatin on me.he gt mad at me & stop contacting me fr like 2mnths altho I kpt msg & callin hm.

I kpt runing after hm cz I dnt wnt smthn dt hs been built fr 3 yrs 2end jz lke dt.Mreovr I feel hapy wen m wt hm.m nt d kind of person dt cn hook up wt ny1.dtz 1 of d thngs he knz & I thnk hez takin advntge cz m a gud gal.he knz dt I wd neva b abl 2 easly hook up wt anothr guy.i trd calin hm 4 days.he jz wdnt retrn my cals..i ws miserabl.i kn hs job demands a lot bt y cnt he spare atlz 5 mins4me?

I textd hm abt my felings,hw I cried evrynte.he dnt reply.1day,I cald hm.aftr like 5cals,he pikd up d phne n tld me dt he’s @d hospitl visitin hs fren.if he hd tme 2 visit hs fren,dn y cdnt he cal me

i flt neglctd.v wntd 2grow old 2gther.he ws alys d 1 who sd dt hez scared dt oder guys wd trap me in2 gettin in2 a relatnship wt em

1 nite,I cald hm.hs line ws bc so I cald hm after smtime bt hs line ws stil bc.i ws depressd.den he textd me dt he ws talkin 2 a gal who he met durin d tour & dey wr talkin abt businez.den I cald hm.he rejctd my cal n textd me dt he ws sleepy.if he wsnt sleepy wen he talkd 2 d oder gal dn aftr speakin 2 hr fr 40mins,he’d feel sleepy

1 day he ws vry sweet 2 me.he sd dt he dnt lke me suspectin 2 mch.dn he began ignorin me agn

He apologizd.i aceptd hs apology.he tld me dt if he breaks up wt me,he wd stay single 4ever cz he wnts 2 b wt me ONLY.i duno wt 2 believ.

las month,he cme home(v stay nearby)wt lovbites on hs nek.i ws so upset.i tld myself 2 neva trust hm agn.i askd hm abt it.he told me dt it wsnt a lovbite.he dnt kn hw he gt d marks

V wnt out.i ws chekin hs cel.he jz snatchd it 4rm me.he tld me dt hs frenz obsene photos r dr so he deletd em.he cres mre hs fren dan r relatnshp.he kn dt by hidin d pix it wd affec r relatnshp bt he deletd em nywy.i chkd d photos 4rm hs tour.i sw hm wt anothr young gal(d gal he talkd2 on d phne)he ws holdin hr 4rm her shoulder.acc 2 our custom,a guy who’s nt singl &holdin anothr gal is inapropriate.i sw anothr pic n he ws puttin hs head on her shouldr.he sd he dnt hv any felins4d gal

weneva I cl,he wd tel me dat hez sleepy or dt he’z chekin sm files.1evenin hs fren cald hm cz of sm emrgncy & he wnt2 hs frenz plc n stayd thr.i tld hm dt he hs mre tme 4hs frenz dan me.it luks as tho he cares more abt em dan me.

He is a sociabl prson.D prob wt me is he’s my 1st love n I jz cnt 4get hm easily

v wer vry close.he wd oftn ask4my permision 2 shave hs beard!it ws cute.he wd alwys infrm me whr he ws goin by dese days,I jz duno wr he goz.He tld me I jz hv 2 trus hm

n Snday,he dnt evn tel me dt he ws goin2 hs frenz plc until I msgd hm.I cald hm.cdnt reach hm.he hs 2 nos.,I hv 3.i trd calin 4rm al d nos.2 his cel bt I gues he barred my nos.cz wn I trd 4rm my new no.i gt thru bt he dnt ans d phone!he dozn hv my new no.i actualy wantd 2 surprse hm.i duno wt I shd do now.m los.i hv 4given hm a milion tmes yet he kps disapointin me a milion tmes.I askd hm y he blockd my nos.he sd he dnt

He textd me2day sayn dt he hrd 4rm sm1 dt I hv gt a new bf.he alwys cm up wt dz stuf al d tme

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    9 years ago
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    You should tell what you are felling about him openly,talk about eachother then you should go backed to him

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  • lackey
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    3 years ago

    do not overlook about him. He ought to become your buddy if each and every thing works out. (you'd be shocked) You do want time faraway from one yet another though. that's how you are able to get the recommendations thoroughly out of your mind. If he comes and talks to you do not overlook about, keep on a short communication. attempt YOUR toughest no longer to FLIRT! At 1st it become extremely not ordinary yet as I stayed away i finished liking liking him if it quite is sensible. -----you do not go with to get genuine emotions with a guy that has a gf, you'll finally end up damage. **in case you keep @ it you'll do something and remorseful about it. sense very to blame because he does have a gf. Deep down interior you recognize that's not precise. pay interest for your gut. (and that i do not unavoidably propose something undesirable, in basic terms something you shouldn't do with a guy that has a gf) in case you do not extremely like him anymore it truly is for the superb. Now it will be less demanding to become acquaintances. in basic terms ease off the flirting, it gained't help you. best of success :)

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