Which country would the Somali government be more inclined to work with: Ethiopia/Uganda or Eritrea?

In MUN, forming resolutions.

I know that Eritrea wants the other countries to keep out of the region, but I'm confused as to what the Somali TFG would want.

So which would make the better pairing: Somalia and Eritrea or Somalia, Uganda, and Ethiopia?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Eritrea. Eritrea and Somalia have worked together before. Eritrea and Ethiopia, at times, have been in conflict over borders and other issues. That is why the border between the two nations are dangerous. Somalia and Ethiopia have been in conflict many times for the same reasons and also because of Ogaden - a region that used to belong to Somalia but Ethiopia eventually gained, also Somalis inside and outside of Ogaden have reported that Somalis within Ogaden are mistreated. Currently, the media is not allowed into Ogaden which raises suspicion. So that is why it is more likely for Eritrea and Somalia to work together, also considering that the two countries are not currently in conflict.

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  • 9 years ago

    S and Eritrea.

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