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difference between practicing and playing guitar?

Hey, I'm trying to get off on the right foot about practicing the guitar. Can someone give me a detailed summary between practice and play also any advice would be appreciated.

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    practicing is when you do various exercises to improve your technique, and playing is just..well playing

    my advice would be to PRACTICE guitar as much as possible, and instead of playing other people's stuff, try to improvise smtn, make your own music

    Source(s): i'm a guitar player
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  • OU812
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    9 years ago

    That's a very fine line between the me practicing is working on things you don't already know and playing is doing stuff you do already know. But unless you can play it perfectly it still needs practice. Don't know about you guys but there are damn few things I could claim to play perfectly on guitar. So really you need a balance of both. You need to learn new things and you need to perfect the stuff you already know. I generally break down practice like this. 1) perfecting songs I already know 2) working on learning brand new songs that are technically challenging, not just a new chord progression 3) scales

    By doing all 3 of these things I keep from getting burnt out and I develop new skills while perfecting older ones.

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  • 4 years ago

    As yourself this question: What do I want to play? Both are guitars, they're generally the same thing. I'd say learn to play the electric (and throw in acoustic just for the hell of it) and then move on to the bass. I've played guitar the guitar since I was 9 and eventually took to playing the bass as well. It's all a matter of personal preference. My buddy just said, "If you want to be a front man, play electric. If you just want to be in the band, play bass." That's not always how it works, but it's a good example. All in all, just pick what you feel most strongly towards and start with that. You can always learn both eventually.

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  • 9 years ago

    My personal experience as a student, teacher, and performer is this:

    Practicing includes getting your chops smoothed out (scales, chords, and rhythm) a metronome helps.

    after a warm-up with that, try learning the different parts CORRECTLY at a slower speed. After you have learned the segments, join them together at that slower speed making sure to play them through COMFORTABLY. As your comfort level increases, try increasing your speed. If you make mistakes, stop, take note of where they are, and back up on the speed until you are playing it correctly.

    Playing is a part of practicing. That's my philosophy. Think about it.. the more that you do something, the more experienced you get. Every time you play with your band, you get better. And one more word of advice: Whenever you pick up your instrument, warm up your wrists and hands.. either massage them, or do some stretches. If you don't, your hands will cramp, and that sucks.

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  • Jeff
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    9 years ago

    Well, I just learned by reading tabs online. When I "practice", I just work on perfecting any new songs Im learning. When I play, I just jam to any songs I already know. Technically, "practicing" can mean learning scales and warm ups and all, but Im not big on that stuff. I just try to play it over and over again until I get it down and thats practice enough for me.

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