How Can i Decrease Excel Values by Percentage?

I want to decrease 20% from excel file..pls help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You want to decrease in 20% the data on a column or row, in other words you want to work/use with the 80% of the value (100-20=80)

    There is a trick using PASTE SPECIAL

    WARNING: This trick will replace the original value, for its decrease value in 20%

    * On a empty cell write 0.80 (for the explanation we will assume that cell B1 has 0.80 as value)

    * Select cell B1. Right-click and select COPY

    * Select the range of cells you wish to decrease by 20%. Right-click and select PASTE SPECIAL

    * Under OPERATION choose MULTIPLY

    * Click the OK button

    * Erase the value from cell B1

    That's all, now all your numbers have been decrease by 20%

    HINT: To learn more about PASTE SPECIAL, check

    If what you need is a formula to decrease a number by 20%, example A1 is the number to decrease then on cell B1 write this formula =A1*0.80

  • IXL@XL
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    9 years ago

    A1 has initial value, B1 =A1*80% or =A1*0.8

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