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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago



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    Bigamy or bigamy is now causing great harm to the family, a more common reason is that third party interference (intervention), serious constitute bigamy or bigamy. Although on the surface of the crime of bigamy is an infringement of personal rights, but is actually on the national public rights-of monogamous social system openly challenged. In order to maintain monogamous social system against arbitrary abuses of modern progress, civilization, maintaining a stable family life and the good folk, this serious violation of the criminal law of marriage and legal relations behavior rising to the height of a criminal offence be combated, punished by penalty means. In order to combat this serious violation of the Act of marriage and legal relations, the State should provide a rigorous, clear legal protection. The only way to more Parties operating in the judicial practice, can we truly establish the seriousness, rigor, and authority of the law.

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  • Jenkin
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    9 years ago

    One of the common causes of serious damage to the family nowadays is “extra-marital affairs”, which in effect an offence of bigamy. Although it may seem bigamy is only related an offence in a personal level, in effect it is challenging the common rights of the state/nation - the monogamy system. In order to protect the monogamy system against defiance in a modernized and civilized social system so as to maintain the family lives of a good nation/ethnic body. The legislation escalates this kind of serious defiance of the law in marriage to become a felony to be punished. In order to punish this kind of behaviour against the marital law, the state/nation must provide decisive and clear legislations. Only then, through the judiciary execution to be able to operate and establish seriousness, consciousness and authority of the law.

    Source(s): 譯文大部份按原文編排,所以也未能像英語表達方式。
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