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    1. The earthquake happens on Friday, March 11th, 2011. The local time in Japan was 14:46:23.

    2. The epicenter located at the coast of Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, the depth of earthquake focus was measured as 24.4 kilometers.

    3. A 10-meter-height tsunami was caused by the earthquake.

    4. The earthquake scale this time was the largest since Japan started to record observation, the tsunami caused was the most serious as well.

    5. The tsunami destroyed several reactors in nuclear power plants in Fukushima, it led to a large inestimable leakages of radiation.

    6. The earthquake caused tens of thousands of casualties.

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    1. Friday, March 11, 2011, the earthquake, Japan local time 14:46 seconds.2. epicentre located in waters off gongchengxian capital city of Sendai, focal depth measured data of 24.4 km.3. earthquake triggered a tsunami of up to 10 m.4. the earthquake is Japan largest earthquake since the observation record, caused by the tsunami and most serious.5. serious tsunami-hit several Fukushima nuclear power plant reactors, causing leakage of large amounts of radioactive materials that cannot be estimated.6. the earthquake caused tens of thousands of casualties.

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    1. The earthquake occurred on Friday, Mar. 1, 2011 and the local time was 2 o’clock 46 minutes 23 seconds in Japan.

    2. The epicenter was in the open sea of Sendai, the capital of Miyagi. It was 24.4km in depth of the focus through the measurement.

    3. A 10m wave was occurred by the earthquake.

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    4. It is the most powerful earthquake even the most serious tsunami in Japan’s historic record.

    5. The tsunami seriously struck several nuclear reactors at Fukushima which led to the leakage of an unspecified amount of radioactive materials.

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    6. The earthquake caused hundreds of thousands of casualties.

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